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Do you think you know how to have a good shower?

Do you think you know how to have a good shower?

Taking a bath can eliminate sweat and dirt, relieve blood circulation, improve sleep and skin metabolism and disease resistance. And by warm water soaking, it can treat some diseases. The temperature of a hot water bath should not be too high, generally 35 ~ 40 °C is the best.
The time we taking a shower should not be too much, because too many times will wash away the grease on our skin and the protective bacteria that normally parasitize the surface of the skin. It is easy to cause skin itching and the skin’s resistance will be weakened.

Bathing is also dangerous sometims

The chances of a bath directly leading to death are small, but the wrong bathing method can indeed cause danger, especially in the winter when the water temperature difference is too huge. Because people’s blood vessels are very weak, when they wash their hair in the winter, the blood will suddenly gather in the head. If you wash your hair at first, it may cause poor blood circulation in the head. Gradually, it may induce cerebrovascular disease.
It is suggest to clean the your face before clean the hair in winter.

The temperature of the bathing water should be close to the body temperature, that is, 35 to 40 ° C. If the water temperature is too high, the blood vessels of the whole body will be dilated, the blood flow of the heart and brain will be reduced, and hypoxia will occur. Pregnant women should be careful not to be too hot when taking a bath to prevent fetal hypoxia and affect fetal development. Take a cold shower in the summer to be moderate. If the bath water is too cold, the pores of the skin will suddenly close, the blood vessels will shrink, and the body’s heat will not be released. Especially on hot nights, after washing a cold bath, people often feel limb weakness, shoulder and knee pain and abdominal pain, and even become a predisposing factor for arthritis and chronic gastrointestinal diseases. Generally, the water temperature in the cold shower in summer is preferably not lower than 10 °C. You may need thermostatic shower set to help you control the water temparature.

No matter which season it is, the bath time should not be too long. It is appropriate to take 15 to 30 minutes for each bath to prevent heart and brain hypoxia and ischemia.

Bathing frequency is too high, especially the frequent use of shower gel or soap will inevitably destroy the oil layer, causing dry skin, itching and other symptoms, and easily lead to premature aging of the skin. Older people are more dry due to their own skin, less sebum secretion, to minimize the number of showers, especially dry autumn and winter, wash once every two or three days. At the same time, no or less use of bath cleaning products, rinse with water is best.

Bathing should be orderly – wash your face first, then wash your hair, then take a shower.
When entering the shower room, once the hot water valve is opened, the steam will be produced, and the pores of the human body will expand when heated. Therefore, if the face is not cleaned at this time, and the face accumulates a dirty thing for a day, it will lick the pores. When the gate is opened, it sneak into the pores.

Over time, the pores will be squeezed by these dirty things, occupying the territory that should not belong to them, the acne on the face will be more and more. If you wash your hair after bathing, the grease on your head will accidentally “contaminate” your back, so it is good from top to bottom.