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Elegant, Convenient and Fully automatic-Sensor Basin Faucet

There are many types of faucets, and the sensor faucets are not listed. According to their functions, they are divided into basin faucet, operating room faucet, basin faucet and operating room faucet. The biggest difference is that the height of the operating room sensing faucet is higher than the height of the basin sensing water dragon. Generally, the height of the basin sensor faucet is within 20cm. These two types are also the most widely used products in today’s sensor faucet varieties.

The sensor induction of water not only protects our water resources, but also allows us to see a new type of technology products under the development of new technologies. It also allows us to see the great inventions of mankind, and it also reflects the development history of taps from the side. Intelligent water saving is the first main function of the sensor sensor faucet. It automatically controls the water and puts the items to be washed into the infrared area of ​​the sensor faucet. The faucet will immediately discharge water. After leaving, you don’t need to close the action. The sensor stop, water saving function is more significant.

Why is it convenient to be one of the functions of a fully sensor faucet? Because when we wash our hands or wash items, we don’t need to touch the faucet, it is completely sensor, which can effectively prevent the hand from touching the sensor faucet to avoid bacterial growth and infection, even if it is cleaned automatically. At that time, you only need to wipe with a clean towel, no need for too much maintenance and cleaning methods, and this sensor sensor faucet contains filter settings to avoid impurities affecting the work of the faucet.

Some sensor faucets will be equipped with battery devices, which are generally DC-type sensor faucets. Once the battery is low, it will automatically indicate the low battery signal, and will be in a state of constant lighting for a long time. It is convenient to display the prompt information of the sensor sensor faucet and replace the battery. In addition, if the indicator light is always in the state of constant lighting, and the battery has power, it is necessary to disassemble the inside of the sensor induction faucet, mainly the solenoid valve, including the spring, the diaphragm, the solenoid valve cavity, and the like. Cleaning is carried out, and then the device is installed as it is. If the solenoid valve is not working, it means that the solenoid valve coil needs to be replaced.


The adaptable product is the mainstream today, and the highly adaptable function of the sensor sensor faucet opens up the fully sensor sensor faucet market. When the installation is completed, the range and extent of the water outlet of the fully sensor faucet can be adjusted according to different environments. Moreover, the scope of use can be hotels, airports, public places, medical institutions, office buildings, hotels, etc. In the home, it is also possible to decorate and use sensor sensor faucets to make the home intelligent and technological.


#Type: Basin Faucets

#Model Number: 49111301CH

#Feature: Electric Faucets, Sense Faucets

#Surface Treatment:White and chrome

#Faucet Mount:Single Hole

#Valve Core Material:Ceramic

#Product Name:Double Automatic Sensor Faucet Bathroom Mixer Tap

#Aerator:Water Saving 30%

#Function:Hot Cold Water


#Solenoid valve lifetime:> 500, 000 times

#Water flow:4-6L/M (0.3Mpa)