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How to chose a water saving faucet

Because fresh water resources are not inexhaustible, but the most valuable and irreplaceable natural resources. We have to save water from our daily life.

It should be nice for us to chose a water saving faucet. But how to chose?

Is it thermostatic faucet?

If a faucet with the thermostatic function, the water temperature can reach the user’s demand in a short time. It can reduce unnecessary consumption during the water temperature transition. But if the quality of the faucet is unqualified, it will waste a lot of water. Therefore, we must do some test before purchasing a water-saving faucet.

About the cartridge.

At present, most of the water-saving faucets use ceramic valve cores, which improves the sealing performance of the faucet to some extent, and doesn’t leak water when switching.

The material of the faucet.

Brass and stainless steel are the materials for water-saving faucets. Because brass and stainless steel have higher antibacterial properties, harmless to human and easy to maintain.

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