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How to care about your health when choosing a faucet ?

In recent years, our government department has detected that the lead content of some faucets is higher the international standard. Consumers are worried about the quality of the faucet, and pay more attention to the impact of faucets on health. In addition to the quality of the faucet itself, there are some details that affect the quality of the water. Some opinions that are endorsed by consumers are actually wrong. Viga is going to tell you more about it.

Is it the heavier, the better?


Some people may consider the heavier,the better, when they choosing a new faucet for their new house. You might believe that, the heavier it is, the pure material it should be. Theoretically, for those light tap, it can not withstand the pressure of water and will rupture when it connect to water pipe. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy a very heavy tap. How do you know the heavy weight is from good brass? Some unscrupulous manufacturer use recycling copper as raw material, this kind of copper is cheap and harmful to health for it is full of heavy metal.
Water would be polluted by the faucet.


Dose a faucet has shelf life ?

What determine the life time of a faucet is how long did you use it, not how good the quality it is. You may think, the faucet is sitll looks very good, though it has served for me for many years. In fact, even the best faucet, it will get rusty when time past. Generally speaking, a good faucet should be replaced every 5 years. For those no warranty taps, it is suggest to replace it every year.
If the taps are not for drinking, or only for laundry, it is suggest not to use more than 7 years.


Not every faucet has hot and cold water functions

Many consumers think that every faucet should have hot and cold water functions. In fact, that’s not ture. A single function tap has only 1 inlet hole to connect the water hose, you can only choose to connect cold water, or hot water. A hot and cold water faucet has 2 holes to connect both cold water and hot water. And the waters will mix in the special cartridge. Basicly basin faucet, kitchen sink faucet and bath faucet has hot and cold functions, of cause there is also single cold for these faucets. But taps for washing machine and mop, it is only single cold functions.


How to choose a water saving faucet?

Some peopel believe that they can save water if the water flow is small. That’s not ture. It depends on both the flow rate and usage time. If the flow rate is too small, you may need to use the faucet a longer time. If the flow rate is too small, it may be a problem with the faucet valve. It may also be because the slag is clogged. At this time, the faucet needs to be cleaned, and a new faucet is also a good choice.
A water saving areator can help you out in this situation, there are many different functions areator in market, such as controling the water flow at a fixed volum;add presue to make the flow looks higer, in fact, the flow is the same.