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Everyday need Faucet- Hight Quality Shower Column Set

The life in busy city and intense study make people breathless and unable to relax, only the home is the inner safe haven.

Nowadays, the bathroom has become an option for people to relieve stress.

After a busy day,  when you soak in hot water, it will wash away the fatigue of the day and untie the frown with the flow of water.

Due to the comfort of the bath, your body and spirit feel very relax. At the same time, the vitality of the body can be quickly restored.

When you finish the housework and after cool a meal, you will feel uncomfortable.

At this time, if you take a shower in the bathroom, you will feel that you have refreshed yourself , and you will fall in love with doing housework and cooking.

When you are dating your boyfriend or girlfriend, you definitely want to give each other a fascinating impression.

After you walk into the bathroom and wash your dust you accumulated during the day, it will let your hair and body exude a charming fragrance and refresh your image.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend must definitely be attracted to you.

Viga faucet can need your every need and wish with user-centric features and ingenious details that make it unique.

More choice, more comfort and more flexibility; which is why our products are chose to use.

Viga shower column set with high quality and exquisite technology deserve you buy it.

Product information

  • Product Name:Hight Quality Shower Column Set
  • Model Number:43513801CH
  • Material:Brass body, Zinc handle, Brass sliding bar, Three functions ABS hand shower, ABS shower head
  • Surface Finishing:Chrome plated
  • Brand Name:VIGA
  • Quality Guarantee:5 years