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Bunker Whole House Customization | The Neutral Gray In The Bathroom Hides The High Quality Of Home

Bathroom Business School

When decorating, there are always people who ignore the importance of bathroom space. Many people only install a washbasin in the bathroom, only to find out later that there is no place to put all kinds of toiletries. Finally, only to buy another and another shelf and cart back. This leads to more and more stuff in the bathroom and more and more mess.

Therefore, it is very important to plan the bathroom well. Choosing a right bathroom cabinet can bring a lot of convenience to life. Likewise, it is important to choose the right color of the bathroom cabinet. The black, white and gray color scheme is gaining popularity. Especially the more varied and interesting gray than black and white, comes with a wash of light elegance. They are suitable for a variety of styles, quite popular with consumers.

Here are a few neutral gray bathroom cabinet, full of beauty value and senior model. The characteristics of stainless steel not only allows it to have the advantages of moisture and corrosion resistance, easy to clean and practical convenience, but also to add a touch of elegance to the home.


Light iron gray

Textured light iron gray.

It comes with a sense of indifference.

The gray and white color scheme is simple and clean.

It can bring a pure and comfortable visual enjoyment


Bathroom cabinet YS014

Quartz stone and stainless steel is a match made in heaven.

It is waterproof and moisture-proof, fearless of hot and cold attacks.

The shaped door panel adds a sense of detail and beauty.

complemented by delicate and compact button pull

Encounter the elegant retro simple European style.


Earl Grey

The Piaget gray and black colors create layers.

The design is lively and interesting.

With simple elements and color combination

Minimalism to the extreme.

Bathroom cabinet YS018

High-grade black starry quartz stone.

is a surprising accent to the bathroom cabinet.

The design of the countertop basin is also quite ingenious.

It creates a full sense of concave and convex.

The cabinet partition design meets the storage needs.

This is the way to take care of bathroom supplies in an organized manner.


Knight gray

Known as the Playboy Knight Grey.

With high-end yuppie trendy model.

Based on the concept of simple and extravagant design.

Create a bathroom space with great charm.

Bathroom cabinet YS021

The world of gray and white is simplified by removing the complexity.

Let the elements and space intermingle.

It breaks the conventional suspension expression.

Embrace internationalization with creative design.


Skin Grey

Gentle and elegant skin gray.

Meet the oriental ancient charm of the new Chinese style.

Decorate a quiet and elegant Zen space.

Feel the Chinese aesthetics of the written East.

Bathroom cabinet YS023

Bronze lines run through the top and bottom.

It brings elegant bright color accent to the cabinet body.

The round mirror and shelf are like clouds and the moon reflecting each other.

It forms a lively accent.

Skin gray can also create chic.

The collision of fine rock panel, ceramic and metal

The design aesthetics of fashion and beauty are in abundance.

This is the arsonist in the bathroom.

Bathroom cabinet YS031

The black narrow frame line outline

Make the bathroom cabinet more clean and sharp.

In the intersection of the dotted line surface

Create a small and light luxury style.


Starry sky gray

Starry sky gray is like a vast sea of stars.

To inject a touch of tranquility into the world of reconciliation.

It has a high level of delicate soft mist texture.

It can bring soothing emotional healing power.

Bathroom cabinet YS026

In the general tone of starry gray

Embellished with concise white gold lines.

It abandoned the brilliant colors and decorations.

It shows the individuality of modern home.

Starry gray and gold are a match made in heaven.

The metallic color meets the matte gray door panel.

Collision of strong contrast between light and dark.

Increase the three-dimensional sense of space and a sense of hierarchy.

Bathroom cabinet YS030 

Narrow and wide metal stripes.

The metal stripes between the wide and narrow sides of the bathroom cabinet YS030 flaunt the beauty and heavy luster.

The warm light of the smart mirror echoes with it.

It brings out the warmth for the living room.

With a variety of neutral gray.

It adds a little to the good life.

In the bathroom space, the private sphere.

Enjoy the comfort of the ideal living home.



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