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My Mother-In-Law Said: The Toilet Can Not Be Faced With The Door, Can Not Be Faced With The Bedroom, Can Not Be Faced With The Dining Room. She Did Not Believe It, And Ended Up Crying With Regret

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In ancient times, the toilet hygiene is poor, there is a stench.

So do not build in the wind.

The modern toilet hygiene is better. It is also installed indoors, so it is less affected by the wind direction.

But also because it is located in the room.

So as the source of dirt in the living room bathroom, the decoration must pay attention to the location of the bathroom.

Bathroom decoration needs a door.

The direction of the door is also very careful.


Which direction should the door of the bathroom do not face?

01 Never face the doors and windows

In the feng shui of the home, the bathroom is the main yin, for the excretion of the place. Other spaces in the home is Yang, for the energy cohesion place. If the bathroom is facing the doors and windows of other spaces in the home, it is easy to make the bathroom dirty air flow to other spaces, producing yin and yang imbalance. Like a drop of ink into a pot of water. The fate and health of people living in the home will be affected by its pollution.

02 Avoid facing the kitchen door

The yin of the bathroom is relatively heavy. Bathroom for the moisture cohesion place, is not cheerful “exclusive Yin Qi”. The door of the bathroom facing the kitchen door, will become two Qi rushing. It will become a combination of fire and water. The main house luck is not smooth, the family’s luck is repeated, sometimes good and sometimes bad. And it is easy to attract dark disease. To hang bead curtain in the bathroom door or kitchen door, the problem can be solved.

03 Door should not face the toilet

Door and toilet facing each other, mainly refers to the toilet is facing the door. In home feng shui, the yin and yang properties between the door and the toilet are: door is active for yang, and the toilet is static for yin. The main feng shui consequence of the phenomenon of the door facing the toilet is that it is easy to cause gynecological, urinary system and other diseases in the home. The door of the bathroom should never be facing these places. In this case, poor luck follows, basically and say goodbye to the rich.

04 Door should not face the faucet

Door and faucet facing each other, is the image of bad peach blossom. Water mainly means money. Door for breath through the flow, so if the faucet is facing the door, this is the image of money dissipation.

05 Avoid facing the door

The door of the bathroom is facing the door of the house, called “through the heart brake”.  The bathroom door is like a large mouth, releasing the dirty Qi. It forms a dichotomy with the vitality coming in from the front door of the house. Keep a cactus-like plant on the north balcony. If the bathroom door is facing the toilet, it is recommended that the door or toilet be moved. If the distance between the two sides of the bathroom door is to be large, it is recommended to make a shape on the side wall to attract the sight of people entering the door. If there is no distance, on a single door, it is recommended that the material of the door part is changed to mirror or stainless steel.

06 Avoid facing the bedroom door

If the bathroom door is facing the bedroom door, you can change the bathroom door in the west position, that is, where the door opens in this corridor. This will avoid the problem of the bathroom door and the bedroom door facing each other. You can hang a bamboo curtain or crystal curtain outside the bathroom door. Do not have to hang the whole curtain to the ground, you can hang half of the kind on. You can also hang a gourd at the door of the bedroom, which can change the direction of the bathroom door, or make a concealed door. In addition, the bathroom should be kept clean and tidy, and to dry, well ventilated. Try to close the bathroom door when not in use.

07 Do not be located in the center of the room

The bathroom should not be in the center of the room, so that the center is not polluted. The center of the room is the center of gravity of the house, just like the human heart is extremely important. The center is polluted, dirty Qi is very easy to convection to other rooms. If it lives in the middle of the room, the occupants inhale a lot of dirty gas every day, then prone to disease. And the bathroom located in the center of the house, necessarily has poor lighting. Plus the bathroom is originally a place of water, humid air is smothered in the room, so it is easy to breed bacteria. This is certainly not good for health.


How to choose the door of the bathroom?

Generally in the process of home improvement, the use of the bathroom is mostly two cases: one is for the space is relatively large and used for wet and dry partitioning of the door products.  This type can be based on the consumer’s own favorite to determine. The other is for the space is relatively small and can not be in the case of wet and dry partitioning of decorative door products.  In the choice of bathroom doors, can be considered from the following aspects.

1, Select the plastic door that is safe to use but not too beautiful. Its moisture-proof performance is superior.

2, Choose the door of steel plate face and wood core. It can waterproof, but the door style is not much, not much choice.

3, Choose the door of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy material. It is good waterproof function, the style is relatively more. And it is more colorful. Other needless to say, the thickness of the material can tell the quality of good or bad. Just make sure the quality is good, using this door should be a good choice.

4, Choose the door of stainless steel plus glass. Its waterproof performance and the use of function are good, but the price is relatively high. If it is used in ordinary living room decoration, so decorating is not very cost-effective. In addition, the full frosted treatment of half glass door is also a good choice for the bathroom door.


What are the considerations for the installation of bathroom doors?

1, Before installation, it is necessary to open the package to inspect the goods, and carefully check the quality of all aspects of the product. Fans should be separated from the doors and windows and cannot be placed directly on the ground. They can not be put together with acid and alkali substances. The room should be kept dry and ventilated, and also avoid heat. Check the site and make a good hygiene of the working area. Check whether the size left before the door opening or door frame is suitable. Confirm the specific installation size. Prepare the tools and count the accessories.

2、When installing, the gaps should be tight and not uneven. The gaps should be filled with foam to fix. After the door frame is installed with the ground, it should be filled with filler. The installation and interface of the sleeve line should be fixed, and at the same time, it should be kept flat, and the same side of the sleeve line should be kept in the same plane. The gap between the sleeve line and the wall should be sealed with sealant.

3, The standard door is flat and vertical after installation. The door fan and the door sleeve are flat. When the door is opened and closed, flexible and no sound. The gap between the door sleeve and the door fan meets the standard. The error of the gap should be in plus or minus 0.5 mm. The door should be closed well fixed, will not swing.

Everyone in the decoration, do not underestimate the bathroom door.

Don’t think the bathroom door is not very eye-catching, but its functional role is not to be ignored.



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