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Causes of Cracked Shower Glass and How to Prevent It?

In recent years, showers have become popular among consumers for their small space footprint and other advantages. But the most disturbing thing is that the glass in the shower has a three-in-a-thousand self-destruct rate. A little carelessness, personal safety will be threatened. “Why would this glass well self-destruct?” The quality and safety of the shower room has become the most important issue for consumers when purchasing products. Next, the Sanitary Girl also take some time to give you the knowledge of the shower room.

Why do showers explode?

First, let’s take a look at why showers can explode.
1. The quality of the glass itself has problems or the lack of explosion-proof film.
2. Poor hardware, not smooth use. When pulling with force, the glass is unevenly stressed which leads to explosion.
3. The frame is made of waste aluminum, which is soft and easily deformed, causing the glass to explode.
4. Being hit by sharp objects during handling or use.

In addition to some of the latter factors of improper human maintenance, in fact, the main factor causing the shower explosion is the material itself.
So we should take a good look at the label when we buy the shower, instead of looking at the price first!!!

What can I do to reduce the risk of a glass shower blowing itself up?

Next, let’s look at what you can do to reduce the risk of a glass shower blowing itself up.

1. Choose high quality tempered glass doors
Tempered glass must choose the 3C certification mark on the product certificate.
(What does the 3C certification mark look like?) (Look at the picture.)

Causes of Cracked Shower Glass and How to Prevent It? - Blog - 1

See the three C’s?
This logo would be printed at the top or bottom of the glass.
This is the first step to see if the glass is good.

Also, we can see if the glass is transparent.
No stray spots, bubbles or other defects
Wearing polarized sunglasses to view the glass.
Tempered glass should exhibit colored striped spots.

Causes of Cracked Shower Glass and How to Prevent It? - Blog - 2

2. Install the glass door correctly
To prevent the phenomenon of tempered glass blowing up on itself due to improper installation.
As much as possible when shopping for products.
Asking the manufacturer to provide a professional to come and install.
This way problems can also be held accountable.

3. Focus on protecting the edge and corner of the glass
The toughened glass is weak around the edges.
Once there is a crack it is easy to smash the entire piece of glass.
In everyday life.
Be sure to protect the edges and corners of the glass.
Check the corners regularly for cracks.

4. Apply explosion-proof film or purchase a laminated glass shower panel.
A layer of blast film for the glass doors.
increasing intensity.
Even if the glass explodes, it’ll stick to the film.
Prevent injury from flying glass shards.

Causes of Cracked Shower Glass and How to Prevent It? - Blog - 3

Why do shower prices vary so much in the market?

Some customers said, I don’t know what’s so great about your shower room. 3000 RMB shower room and 1000 RMB shower room both look the same, I don’t see how your shower room can be so great.
Yes, the showers all look the same, but can you guarantee that the quality of a 3,000 RMB shower is the same as that of a 1,000 RMB shower, and do you know what kind of glass, hardware and glue are used in a 1,000 RMB shower?

Don’t be naive ~ I’ll give you 6 reasons why I can’t sell cheap showers!

My shower has a more user-friendly design.
Shower development and design is the prerequisite and basis for shower manufacturing and production. Three aspects of a shower room are fully considered:
1. Safety: Reasonable structure and the material of hardware.
2. Function of wet and dry area: the shower room is waterproof from every detail, so that the wet and dry areas can be completely separated.
3. The humanized details: make every customer convenient and comfortable.

Causes of Cracked Shower Glass and How to Prevent It? - Blog - 4

Our shower room has safety certificate.
Brief analysis: The quality inspection certificate and patent certificate of the product is a direct reflection of product quality.
1. See the 3C certificate
2. See the quality inspection certificate
3. Patent certificate

Causes of Cracked Shower Glass and How to Prevent It? - Blog - 5

I use good aluminum in my shower.
1. Look at the hardness of the aluminum
Brief analysis: Shower aluminum often need to support tens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of glass weight, if the hardness and thickness is not good, the shower service life will be very short, the hardness and thickness of all aluminum is an important assessment index.
2. Good shower room surface is smooth, no color difference and sand, high profile finish.
Brief Analysis: Used scrap aluminum is not smooth enough to handle the finish, and will have noticeable discoloration and trachoma, with a darker finish on the particular profile.

Causes of Cracked Shower Glass and How to Prevent It? - Blog - 6

The hardware in my shower is bar~
1. See how to adjust the wall material and wall clamps.
Brief analysis: Wall-link (wall clip) is the aluminum material that connects the shower to the wall. The tilt of the wall and the deviation of the installation will cause the glass to twist, which will cause the glass to self-destruct. Therefore, the even wall material should have the vertical and horizontal direction adjustment function, so that the aluminum material can match the distortion of the wall and installation to eliminate the distortion of the glass and avoid the self-destruct of the glass.
2. Look at the stability of the shower rod
Brief analysis: Shower ties are an important support to ensure the stability of a frameless shower, the stiffness and strength of the ties are important for the impact resistance of the shower. It is recommended not to use the retractable rod, its strength is weak.

Causes of Cracked Shower Glass and How to Prevent It? - Blog - 7

I only use good material pulley for my shower.
1. Look at the material of the pulley and the sealing of the wheel seat.
Brief analysis.
The wheel seat of the pulley should be made of pressure and weight resistant materials, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The wheel seat is well sealed, moisture is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheel is guaranteed.
2. Look at the pulleys and aluminum track compatibility
Brief analysis: Pulleys and tracks should fit tightly together with small gaps, so they are not easy to fall off when hit by external forces to avoid safety accidents.

Causes of Cracked Shower Glass and How to Prevent It? - Blog - 8

My shower can be drip free!
Brief analysis: The main areas to observe for watertightness in the shower are
1. The connection between the shower and the wall
2. Door and door joints
3. Connection of the shower to the stone base and basin
4. Check the sealing of the adhesive strip and the adhesive strip.



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