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China’s Rural Toilet Penetration Rate Will Exceed 70% In 2021

Recently, “rural habitat environment improvement and upgrading five-year action plan (2021-2025)” was officially announced. The Action Plan has a large introduction to the five-year action of the rural toilet revolution, which is undoubtedly a big bonus for sanitary ware enterprises.

China's Rural Toilet Penetration Rate Will Exceed 70% In 2021 - Blog - 1Liu Huanxin, director of the National Rural Revitalization Bureau, introduced in the “State New Office held a press conference on five-year action to improve the rural habitat environment” on December 6, 2018, a total of more than 40 million rural household toilets have been renovated since 2018, and by the end of 2020, the national rural sanitary toilet penetration rate reached more than 68%, which is expected to exceed this year 70%.

Li Weiguo, director of the Rural Social Enterprise Promotion Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, said at the meeting that, in accordance with the “Action Plan” deployment, the “14th Five-Year” period to promote the rural toilet revolution, the general idea is to adhere to the quantity of quality, progress in line with the effectiveness, seek good rather than fast, consolidate the existing rural toilet improvement achievements, and effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of newly reconstructed toilets in rural areas. Steadily improve the popularity of rural sanitary toilets, guide farmers to develop good hygiene habits, and constantly improve the quality of life of farmers.

The Action Plan requires the solid promotion of the rural toilet revolution, respectively, from the following three aspects to promote.

  1. First, the gradual popularization of rural sanitary toilets.

The new household toilet is basic into the yard, the conditions of the region to actively promote the toilet into the room, new farm buildings should be designed and built with sanitary toilets and manure treatment facilities and equipment. Focus on promoting the transformation of rural household toilets in the central and western regions. Reasonable planning layout of rural public toilets, accelerating the construction of rural scenic tourist toilets, the implementation of public toilet management responsibility, strengthen the daily hygiene and cleaning.

  1. Second, effectively improve the quality of toilet reform.

Scientifically select the technical mode of toilet reform, appropriate water is water, appropriate dry is dry. The technical model should go through at least one cycle of the pilot test, and then gradually push it out after maturity. Strictly implement the standard, standard throughout the whole process of rural toilet conversion. Actively promote water-saving and water-less flushing facilities in the water flushing toilet renovation. Accelerate research and development of applicable technologies and products for sanitary toilets in arid and cold areas. Strengthen the supervision of the quality of rural toilet products in production and circulation, keep the quality of rural toilet products procurement and strengthen construction quality supervision.

  1. Third, strengthen the harmless treatment of toilet waste and resource utilization.

Strengthen the rural toilet revolution and domestic sewage treatment organic connection, according to local conditions to promote the decentralized treatment of toilet waste, centralized treatment and unified treatment into the sewage network, to encourage joint households, joint villages, villages and towns as one treatment. Encourage areas with conditions to actively promote the transformation of sanitary toilets and the integration of domestic sewage treatment construction, temporary can not be built simultaneously should be reserved for later construction space. Actively promote the resource utilization of rural toilet waste, the coordinated use of livestock and poultry waste resource utilization facilities and equipment, and gradually promote the local consumption of toilet waste on agriculture, comprehensive use.



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