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2021 January-November Electric Toilet Online Market Retail Sales Of Nearly 9.5 Billion, An Increase Of 63.9%

2021 January-November Electric Toilet Online Market Retail Sales Of Nearly 9.5 Billion, An Increase Of 63.9%

In 2020, the kitchen and bathroom appliance market consumption was suppressed by the epidemic factor, and this demand was released in 2021. This is demonstrated by the accumulated retail sales of 691.2 billion yuan in the home appliance market from January to October 2021, an increase of 7.7% year on year.

According to the GfK report, in January-November 2021, the retail sales of electric toilets in the online market reached 9.48 billion yuan, with a retail volume of 3.98 million units. In January-October 2021, the growth rate of the electric bidet online market was 63.9%.



Electric Bidet Market Overview In 2021

In the context of the overall size of kitchen and bathroom appliances into the stock era, most traditional home appliance market growth is under pressure. It is in contrast with the traditional home appliance market shrinkage, the electric toilet as a representative of some health and comfort kitchen appliances market is growing steadily.

On the one hand, the health factor would have been the main direction of upgrading kitchen and bathroom appliances. The level of technology to kill bacteria and antibacterial has been further improved, and the product health elements are more diversified. On the other hand, the sudden epidemic in 2020 has raised national health awareness and more consumers are paying more attention to environmental safety and health, so the health-oriented kitchen and bathroom appliances have become a new growth point of the market.

Data show that from January to October 2021, the online market growth rates of representative healthy kitchen and bathroom appliances from high to low were: tabletop drinking machines (118.8%), handheld cleaning machines (111.3%), electric toilets (63.9%), zero cold water gas water heaters (36.0%), pre-filters (35.2%), germicidal washing machines (15.0%), and dishwasher (9.4%), under-kitchen water purifier (9.4%), and aldehyde-removal air purifier (6.7%).

With the mature development of electric toilets in the domestic market, “buying toilet seats when traveling abroad” has long become an old story. From January to November 2021, the retail sales of electric toilets in the online market amounted to 9.48 billion yuan, with a retail volume of 3.98 million units. Electric toilets have the product characteristics of experiencing comfort, convenience and health. The continued growth of the market also reflects the rigid demand of users for electric bidet products.



Electric Toilet Market Demand Changes

The product structure of electric toilets has been continuously optimized. It has now formed a product form with an all-in-one machine as the main body and both a smart toilet cover and a set machine. From 2016 to November 2021, the share of retail sales of the all-in-one machine has expanded from 55% to nearly 80%, becoming the absolute pillar, and the all-in-one machine ranked first in the growth rate of retail sales this year, reaching 82.8%.

Located in the second place of the electric toilet product structure is the intelligent toilet cover, but the market share of less than 20%. And market share showed a decline all the way down. In 2016, the proportion of smart lids was also as high as 41.2%. In addition, the set machine is lukewarm and remains stable, with the market share hovering at around 3%.

From the development trend of electric toilets, the field of hygiene and health is gradually deepened. The proportion of mobile cleaning is as high as 97.2%, the spray bar self-cleaning also reached 97.9%. In addition, deodorization, water filtration, UV ultraviolet light and other functions are also gradually rising high. Secondly, comfort and enjoyment became the potential demand of consumers, temperature-sensitive seats, warm air drying, instantaneous heating, light-sensitive night light, automatic flushing and another market share of retail sales were up to 96.9%, 97.2%, 95.2%, 85.3%, 63.6%. These products have a high degree of standardization and extraordinary performance.

At the same time, the brand of electric toilets is giving their own products on the basis of a more excellent experience, but also actively studying the emerging direction of the solution path, such as carrying the health detection function.

It is understood that a number of domestic head sanitary ware companies have also joined the study of medical intelligent toilets, even in 2016 or so, Taizhou also has an intelligent toilet manufacturing company to start research. Check the patent application volume of the intelligent toilet seat of the State Patent Administration, the current domestic urine test intelligent toilet seat-related invention patents more than 100. There are rights and actual trials involving JOMOO, Royalstar, Topband, the United States, Ponovo, Suzhou Road of the remote, China Institute of measurement and other companies.

In addition, the segmentation of the population is increasingly diversified, the diversification of new consumer bodies also gives rise to more new market demand. Taking the aging market as an example, more and more companies are exploring the needs of “aging” in terms of design and function creation. They gradually launch home products suitable for aging, such as: upturned shower seats, mobile toilets, walk-in safety bathtubs, aging-friendly basins, etc.



Electric Bidet Market Competition Is Full Of Variables

Driven by the huge market growth potential, more and more companies have started to invest heavily in this market. Electric toilet market brand portrait is rich, there are professional sanitary ware enterprises, building materials and household enterprises, home appliance manufacturing enterprises, Internet brands. In the past two years, there are also a lot of small and micro science and technology enterprises joining the track of intelligent toilet, so the whole market presents a “hundred” prosperous situation.

The number of electric toilet online market brands has climbed from 240 in 2017 to 738. Five years time the number of triples, the market is hot degree can be seen. And the market concentration of the top 5 brands has been hovering around 40%, it can be seen that there is not yet a high oligopoly enterprises stand out.

electric toilet online market

And foreign electric toilet industry development started earlier, and foreign brand awareness and product technology are relatively mature, so the Chinese market – especially the high-end market has certain advantages. But with the investment of domestic sanitary brands in product development and technological innovation in recent years, “domestic” with a high-cost advantage to occupy a significant market share.

At present, the market is active in the foreign intelligent toilet brands mainly Kohler, TOTO, Panasonic, LIXIL, Moen, etc., the main domestic ARROW, HEGII, JOMOO, HUIDA, AXENT, Haier and other brands, as well as HILK, Cncoma, JTAccord, Tejjer, Ikahe and other intelligent toilet manufacturers.

Although the current entry into the electric toilet industry, a wide range of brands, but the electric toilet market product homogenization trend is emerging. The industry pattern is not yet stable, and the market competition is full of variables. It is foreseeable that in the future, there is no technical research and development strength of the enterprise will gradually withdraw from the historical stage.



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