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Fancy cabinet and vanity brand in 2023

For the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet is definitely the center and the most frequently used product in the entire bathroom. A good bathroom cabinet must not only look good in appearance, be scientific in design and easy to use, but also be durable.
There are many bathroom cabinets worth buying, and everyone has their own answer.
Here are 16 major bathroom brands from around the world. Each brand has selected one of their “ace” bathroom cabinets, which are all high-looking products.



The Orion series is one of the bathroom cabinet products promoted by B. Braun of Germany. The bathroom cabinet has a compact structure and a sense of order, which is related to the meaning of the constellation shape. The waterproof smart touch panel can infinitely adjust the water temperature and mirror light brightness. The cabinet is equipped with an ambient light that lights up as the user approaches and changes color according to the water temperature, which is beautiful and gives the interaction more fun. The exclusive makeup area design is equipped with a retractable makeup mirror to make washing and caring for makeup more convenient. Black, gray, pink, green, marble and other color textures are available to meet different style needs.

Tianji·Qinglang bathroom cabinet

Villeroy & Boch

Inheriting the essence of German modernist design, Tianji·Qinglang bathroom cabinet carries forward the original intention of putting people first and does not blindly pursue exaggeration and brilliance. The one-piece basin imported from Europe uses Villeroy & Boch’s high-temperature firing process on the surface. It is strong, thin and durable. With its spacious storage edges and deep internal space, it meets the practical needs of the bathroom. The dressing cabinet is made of E1-grade environmentally friendly boards, which are moisture-proof and not easily deformed; hinges imported from Germany make the interior storage space larger. The mirror is defogged and illuminated, and is anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant, keeping it bright and clear at all times.



Another major product of German B. Braun, it was born out of decorativeism, focusing on the relationship between line composition, material texture and light. Serialized faucets, replaceable decorative panels and customized color matching bring richer design possibilities. The combined customized accessories including soap dispenser, hand dryer and aromatherapy module can be freely configured according to user needs. It is also equipped with a bilateral waterproof smart touch panel that integrates water temperature, mirror lights and other bathroom master controls, making it more convenient to use.

Xelu series bathroom cabinet


Created by Hansgrohe in collaboration with Phoenix Design, Peter Ippolito and Ippolito Fleitz Group, it is available in a variety of sizes and matched with Xelu Q series basins. The bathroom cabinet is also equipped with the Xarita series bathroom mirror, which is available in square and round options, with LED lighting, automatic shut-off and other functions.

arcadia bathroom cabinet


German Grohe draws inspiration from architectural art and launches a new series of customized bathroom cabinets Arcadia. The new GROHE Arcadia bathroom cabinet from Germany, the classic color combination of Yadan White, Sharp Gold and Gunmetal Gray is elegant and hidden in power. The product outlines a unique sense of luxury with a smart and tense arc. The bathroom cabinet mirror is backlit all around and comes with a defogging function, and the metal edging adds texture to the mirror. The cabinet has a two-way arc design and a two-drawer design with built-in multiple storage spaces, which facilitates the classification of items and has strong storage capacity. Supplemented by sensor lighting inside the cabinet and at the bottom of the cabinet, the use experience is more comfortable and pleasant.

Solest integrated basin bathroom cabinet


Integrated curved basin design, soft and smooth lines, water droplets are easy to slide off, easy cleaning without restriction; equipped with wall-mounted pull-out faucet, it is convenient to wash hair and rinse freely; dressing mirror cabinet is placed in partitions for one-stop storage For makeup and skin care products, you don’t need to run back and forth, and you can easily apply makeup in the bathroom.



Designed by Andreu Carulla and the Roca Design Center, it is inspired by local architecture and the sunshine on the Mediterranean. The innovation lies in the hidden drainage channel in the basin. This is also an environmentally friendly product. The main cabinet is partly made of recycled wood and has a flexible design that brings a warm feeling to the bathroom space.

Malin by Studio McGee


The bathroom furniture created by Kohler in collaboration with Studio McGee has a classic exterior design and abundant interior storage space. It is equipped with two internal power sockets, two USB ports for powering small devices, and two stainless steel storage for hair dryers and other items. stand, the product is also available in up to 6 sizes.



Duravit focuses on bathroom furniture products in the colorful Vitrium series, designed by designer Christian Werner. The minimalist main cabinet and a round basin or square basin made of “Duravit UltraResist” material ensure the integration of the product. . The bathroom cabinets are available in various sizes, the 1420mm version can also be used as a double washbasin, and there are two panels available, in addition to lacquered wood, the other is a mineral material developed by Duravit.

Luxury Series Customized Bathroom Cabinets


Hengjie Luxury Series customized bathroom cabinets have a variety of colors and styles, flexible functional combinations, and free product matching. Together with Hengjie’s full-scenario bathroom space solutions, they can create and outline an unrestricted personalized ideal bathroom space for consumers. . The innovative material is waterproof multi-layer solid wood, which is not afraid of moisture and stays new for a long time, allowing consumers to fully explore the joy of bathroom life.

Yueyan·Beauty Series Bathroom Cabinet


Designed specifically for female users, it is equipped with sensor side light 2.0, which can be turned on by waving your hand. It has a color temperature of 6000K and a color rendering index of >90 to restore natural makeup. There is also a movable beauty mirror that can be moved up and down to be used by people of different heights. The bathroom cabinet is also equipped with beauty extension platforms, movable beauty storage and other components to meet the functional needs of female consumers for beauty, storage and other functions.

Harmony series liftable bathroom cabinet


The biggest feature of the lift bathroom cabinet made by Wrigley is the adjustable height design, which is convenient for adults, children, the elderly and wheelchair users. The locker on the left offers plenty of storage capacity, and the open design makes it easy to place items. The bathroom cabinet is also equipped with a smart mirror surrounded by LED lights, which can present three different lighting effects.

Provence series bathroom cabinet


Inspired by the sea of lavender flowers in Provence, the smart suspended structure and the upper and lower partitions of the cabinet and washbasin are unique. The design of the double-arched mirror corresponds to the use of double countertops, making daily washing easy and moderate. The naturally extending blue gold sand texture of the countertop spreads the delicate atmosphere and warm texture. The basin and the slate are seamlessly connected, making daily hygiene easy and easy to clean. Multiple storage combinations, hidden storage to store various large items, open storage for toiletries more convenient to take, combined with large-capacity main cabinet drawers, no matter how many items in the bathroom, they can be neatly arranged one by one.

Root series bathroom cabinet


The Root series bathroom cabinets launched by Weida include three versions: Root Classic, Root Groove and Root Flat. The design aims to help users create a simple and ideal bathroom. This series is carefully crafted in every detail and provides a variety of sizes and shapes.



Salvatori is a well-known Italian bathroom company. Its bathroom furniture has clean lines and simple forms, which is the epitome of Italian style and creativity. Crafted from natural stone and paired with warm and elegant wood, each individual accessory provides a practical storage solution without compromising the overall style of the bathroom.

Frank Lloyd Wright Collection


Brizo, a brand owned by Masco, launched the bathroom furniture product of the same name in tribute to the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Inspired by the architect, this collection pays homage to his organic architectural philosophy through six key elements, with a form that reflects the architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright.



Bathroom cabinet designed by German design company NOA GbR and manufactured by German company GSH. The main cabinet and washbasin are coordinated with a clear design language. The edges of the cabinet are inlaid with stripes, which enhances the high-end appearance. The product has a large number of customization options, giving owners and designers a wealth of planning freedom.



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