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Henan Provincial Quality Inspection Institute Held The Province’s Sanitary Ceramics Industry Technical Support And Quality Improvement Seminar

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May 26, Henan Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute (National Building and Decoration Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center) organized a provincial sanitary ceramics industry technical support and quality improvement seminar. Zheng Wenchao, deputy director of the provincial market supervision bureau, supervision, Zhang Taiyun, director of measurement, Liu Jianjun, the relevant city and county bureau comrades in charge, the provincial quality inspection institute, Feng Bo, director of the National Building Materials Center Ma Jun and comrades in charge of relevant departments, China Clean, China Quality News and more than 70 sanitary ceramics enterprises, dealer representatives attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Ma Jun. Feng Bo read out the provincial quality inspection institute “I do practical things for the masses” special action program “and” technical support services quality improvement action program. Zhang Taiyun supervised the sampling of product quality, the main problems and reasons for the briefing and analysis, and he proposed the next step to improve product quality and safety. Liu Jianjun informed and explained the water efficiency mark inspection on ceramic product quality improvement, the significance of industry development, the province’s water efficiency mark supervision and inspection carried out and the province’s water efficiency mark supervision and inspection plan this year. Zheng Wenchao instructed to unify the mind, in-depth promotion of “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities. To adhere to the effect-oriented, seeking practical results. To supervise the sampling, risk monitoring, quality inspection as a means to form a production and circulation, online and offline all-round integrated supervision model. They strive to let the people wear assured, comfortable, with peace of mind.

At the meeting, they were informed of the 2020 national sampling of sanitary ceramics products in the province, the provincial special sampling and market inspection. They announced the intelligent toilet water efficiency policy and related standards. In response to the problems found in the inspection, Hu Lile, director of the provincial quality inspection institute stoneware inspection center, pointed out that the provincial quality inspection institute based on quality inspection work functions, take the initiative. They continue to improve the precision and depth of service, high-quality development of enterprises to continue to empower. First, the benefit of enterprise services to help reduce the burden of enterprises. Actively issued to the enterprise “service enterprise contact card” to improve the relevance, convenience and effectiveness of services. They are exempted from the one-time cost of review after the enterprise rectification. Second, the convenience of enterprise services to promote the rapid development of enterprises. For unqualified production enterprises, take the initiative to door-to-door services. They carry out “one-to-one, point-to-point” technical assistance, to provide quality testing, policy advice, technical guidance for enterprises. Third, the excellent enterprise services, to help enterprises upgrade.

Help enterprises to establish and improve the quality testing system, sanitary ceramics product standards and methodological standards training. Hu Lile also proposed the establishment of sanitary ceramics industry within the business and business, business and consumers, business and government, government and consumer interaction platform. They will work together to study new technologies and methods of testing, and form a new pattern of development of shared equipment and shared resources.

At the meeting, with regard to Henan Province sanitary ceramics industry, there are weak technical research and development capabilities, slow upgrading of equipment and processes, low regional brand influence, product quality instability and other issues, the relevant experts from the provincial quality inspection institute and the person in charge of the enterprise began to communicate. They put forward suggestions to improve the solution to the above problems, and develop detailed technical support measures. Representatives of participating enterprises participated in the laboratory on-site training, field experience and operation demonstration of the test process in the sampling of items prone to failure. Stoneware testing center staff explained in detail the inspection considerations.

Attendance at the enterprise responsible person said that since 2020, the province’s sanitary ceramics products have more problems. Enterprises are also at a loss. The provincial hospital held this seminar timely and effective, to help enterprises establish quality and safety awareness, and solve technical problems. For unqualified enterprises, continuous quality rectification, to promote the overall quality of the province’s sanitary ceramics industry is important to improve.



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