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Children’s Day Is Here, How To Create A Child-Friendly Bathroom Space

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When it comes to house decoration, we always seem to think of everything from an adult’s point of view. The kitchen is completely installed in the habits of adults design, living room decoration also rarely consider the preferences of children. In addition to the children’s room, there are many places in the home need to add “children’s elements”. For example, the bathroom today. The bathroom is more practical than decorative. In order to ensure the practical premise of how to create a child-friendly bathroom?

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6.1 Children’s bathroom decoration keyword one: needs

When planning a bathroom for children, it is crucial to take into account their unique needs. This way they are likely to be more self-sufficient and less stressful for their parents. A safe and easy-to-use bathroom for little arms and hands will go a long way toward achieving this goal.


6.1 Children’s bathroom decoration keyword two: sharing

If there are two or more children sharing a bathroom, there are a few special things to consider. If possible, then installing an extended vanity with two sinks will make it easier for the children to use more quickly. If space allows, separate areas can be divided for each child in order to have less spats in the bathroom. The vanity divided countertop can be allowed to be decorated a little differently for the children based on favorite colors and themes.

To make children happier and the bathroom floor less cluttered, laundry bags and towels that can be individually labeled with each child’s name are also provided. Whenever a towel is left behind, you don’t have to guess which child it belongs to. Bathrobes with names are another good idea, so children who share the bathroom can quickly find a bathrobe to wear.


6.1 Children’s bathroom decoration keyword three: faucet cover

User-friendliness and safety are among the most important of the many concepts for children’s bathrooms. Universal design elements allow people of all ages and with a variety of traits to fit into the same space. Ideas for incorporating universal design into bathrooms include lower countertop heights, and single-speed or sensor faucets.

Children's Day Is Here, How To Create A Child-Friendly Bathroom Space - Blog - 2

Also, to make bathing safer, we look for a tub with a non-slip surface or add a self-adhesive non-slip mat or sticker. Bathroom foot mats or bathroom rugs placed outside the bathtub to absorb water are another simple safety measure. To make the bathtub safer, we can also consider using the drain cover or faucet cover that both allows water to flow out and can prevent bumps and burns.


6.1 Children’s bathroom decoration keyword four: self-reliance

Making children more self-sufficient in the bathroom will make everyone’s life easier. We might consider purchasing an automated behavior sensor, something that turns on the lights when children enter the bathroom and turns them off when they leave. Also, installing a night light will prevent kids from tripping or bumping into something before they hit the light switch.

Kid-friendly toilets can help children use the toilet without adult supervision. Choose a toilet lid that closes gently or slowly so there is no slamming shut. Adding a sturdy step stool or small wooden box to the sink will allow children to reach the sink without help while brushing their teeth. Shampoo and conditioner dispensers are installed at a height they can reach while staying in the tub, which makes bathing a piece of cake and saves on toiletries.


6.1 Children’s bathroom decoration keyword five: storage

Storage is another important thing for children’s washrooms. Lots of storage cabinets and shelves can add storage space for toiletries, towels and other children’s items. You can put baskets or buckets on open shelves so that children can reach them and see them at a glance. Towels and a change of clothes can be placed on tiered towel racks and laundry bags in the bathroom, respectively. Shelves that rest across the tub can store toiletries and toys without sacrificing shelf and storage space.

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