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Laoka Whole House Customization | My Bathroom Is So Beautiful! Every Time I Send My Friends To Ask For The Same Model!

Bathroom Business School

The bathroom is a space that is commonly used by every family. It is important to ensure that the bathroom is clean and fresh! How to make the wet and dry bathrooms look beautiful? Come and see the following sets of programs, will give you a different inspiration!

Pink and white lattice wall with each other, fresh and fantastic. It makes the whole bathroom full of girly atmosphere. With rose gold ornaments, it adds a touch of luxury and gives a feeling of both liveliness and elegance. The marble texture of the wall and the floor reflect each other, enhancing the texture of the space. Pair it with a simple and exquisite bathroom cabinet for a simple atmosphere. Hang a decorative painting and set up a neat pot of greenery. These reflect the owner’s tasteful pursuit of life details.

Chinese charm of the bathroom cabinet, the detail design of jade pendant ring pull, with large rock texture of the wall and floor, looks elegant and stylish. This is a perfect collision fusion of traditional Chinese beauty and modern aesthetics. The metal glass door frame and the ring design of the ceiling make a sense of light luxury. The simple black glass door frame design makes the beauty of simplicity jump up.

The entire bathroom basically adopts marble pattern elements. The sense of nature and light luxury complement each other, with simple lines of white cabinet doors. These designs are simple, but all of them reveal the owner’s pursuit of taste.

Bathroom as a common space in the home, the design and decoration is often easy to ignore. But home decoration is a whole, each space is designed and decorated to highlight the owner’s taste in life. Therefore, the layout of the bathroom design is also worth thinking about!



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