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Can You Bring The Bathroom In The Bedroom Or Not, Don’t Blame Me For Not Telling You Earlier!

Bathroom Business School

In the city, the

The design of bedroom with bathroom has become a trend.

This is a product of modern Western architectural design.

If we completely copy it without considering the actual needs.

will definitely affect their lives.


Does everyone have this need?

I think, this is a matter of opinion.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of a bedroom with a bathroom.

Putting the considerations into perspective

It helps to make the right choice.


Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the bedroom bathroom

Bedroom with bathroom advantages.

1、You do not have to compete with others to go to the bathroom

If there is only one bathroom in the house, then the morning up to grab the bathroom is bound to be a problem faced by many families. The adults have to go to work, the children have to go to school, everyone wants to rush a little early in order not to be late. If the bedroom with bathroom design, you can avoid this problem.

2、Protect privacy

The toilet is a very private area, three generations of the same family share a bathroom. There is definitely some inconvenience in going to the toilet, and the hygiene situation cannot be guaranteed. With a separate bathroom in the room, you can go on as long as you want, without worrying about privacy at all.

3、In line with the trend

Large houses are basically double bathrooms. This is not only convenient for living, but also more in line with the concept of life of young people in the city.


Disadvantages of bedroom with bathroom.

1、Can not be secondary transformation

Bedroom with bathroom want to make a transformation is very difficult, because the bathroom inside the laying of the plumbing pipes up and down the stairs. Once defined as a bathroom, you want to transform it into other spaces are not suitable, unless you can tolerate the sound of water from unknown objects rushing down from above.

2、Unavoidable odor

If the smell can not be completely evacuated, there is no way to avoid odor in the bedroom bathroom. Especially in some southern cities, it is easy to cause dampness and mold, and not to do a good job of waterproofing and leakage will also affect the quality of life of the owner.

3、It is not very practical

Many young people buy a house is not very big. Ordinary family of three to get a double bathroom, it is a bit “stretched”. This is not only a waste of limited space, daily cleaning is also more trouble.


Bedroom bathroom cautions

1、The bathroom in the bedroom can be decorated with waterproof materials according to personal preference, while maintaining the same style as the room.

2、The humidity in the bathroom is very heavy, the exhaust device is essential. With the right ventilation design, on the one hand, can reduce the scourge of moisture and odor, on the other hand, can also keep the toilet air dry.

3、As a place to hide dirt, the bathroom needs to be kept clean and tidy at all times. The floor is more likely to breed bacteria, to try to avoid water.

4、The partition between the bathroom and the bedroom must be done. Because it is heavier yin, a large number of odors into the bedroom. This is likely to cause an imbalance between yin and yang, which is harmful to human health.

5、The bathroom door should preferably face the other direction, especially not opposite to the bed. Such a pattern will affect feng shui, the house is not suitable.

6、Try to use the bedroom bathroom only at night, to optimize the convenience of life.

7、If the bathroom is not large, you can use the sliding door design to save space.



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