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Home Furnishing Trend: Smart Household Items

In recent years, intelligence has become the underlying technology of home furnishing enterprise innovation, but if intelligence is only limited to a certain product, it will obviously not be able to keep up with consumer demand. At the moment when consumption is constantly escalating, from single product intelligence to space intelligence is the general trend of the home furnishing industry. Whether the product can complete the coverage of the smart space, it can be seen that a company’s judgment on the future development direction can be seen.

On May 26, the 26th Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Exhibition opened as scheduled. On this platform of more than 1,400 corporate competitions, Xierkang showcased multiple smart home spaces. This company, which has been continuously working on smart homes in recent years, has moved smart home scenes such as interactive video systems, 5G super theaters and smart epidemic prevention bathrooms to the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, bringing a unique spatial dialogue

Under the influence of “consumption upgrade + post-epidemic era”, the demand for smart sanitary ware has skyrocketed. It can be seen at the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition that smart sanitary ware products are more abundant, and their connotations and extensions are also expanding, and they are becoming “spatialized”. Direction extension. At this exhibition, Xierkang also exhibited a variety of new smart toilet products, especially the DX series smart toilet that won the German Red Dot Award this year. Not only the seat is made of antibacterial materials, but also the plasma cloud sterilization technology is introduced. Kang launched new smart products in response to consumers’ increasing health needs.

Smart protection toilet. The medical airtight automatic door, smart toilet, air purification technology and fresh air system constitute a “triple protection” to protect consumers’ home health, especially the medical airtight automatic door, whose airtightness and safety have reached the level of the operating room. Blocking the “fecal-oral transmission” path of the virus provides multiple protections for users’ healthy home life.

In the era of the Internet of Everything, cross-border is both a trend and inevitable. With the joint efforts of Internet companies, home appliance manufacturers, home furnishings, designers, real estate developers and various service providers, smart homes have begun to “bring dreams into reality”, ushering in a spurt of development.

The first thing that broke out was the field of real estate hardcover housing. According to research data from Aowei Cloud Network, in the first quarter of 2021, the growth rate of smart home systems in the hardcover residential market reached 115.4%, with a scale of nearly 30,000 sets, and the matching rate increased from 3.8% in the first quarter of last year. To 7.5%. Real estate giants such as Evergrande, Country Garden, and Midea Real Estate have increased their smart homes through acquisitions or holdings. With the deep cultivation of many smart home companies in the residential B-end market, the smart home market will usher in a new round of rapid growth .


According to the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the scale of China’s smart home market will reach 436.9 billion yuan in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 48.5%. In the near future, the scale of the smart home market may even exceed 100 billion yuan. In such a promising trillion-level market, every participant is thinking about how to seize the opportunity. It can also be seen from the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition that some keen kitchen and bathroom companies are also looking for breakthroughs, cutting into the bathroom and kitchen. The space is intelligent, moving closer to the direction of smart home.

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