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How ANNWA shape the young, fashionable bathroom label?

Established in 2003, ANNWA Sanitary Ware has been committed to exploring and tapping into the life and consumption needs of young groups and continuously developing products and services more suitable for the young market. 2022, in the new consumer environment, ANNWA’s fashionable and youthful strategy has been upgraded again to further enhance the transformation to a young, fashionable and more qualitative space trend brand.

How ANNWA shape the young, fashionable bathroom label? - Blog - 1

Rejuvenation is not a compromise, but has always been the direction

In recent years, the bathroom market consumption environment has changed dramatically, as the 90 generation gradually become the core consumer group, the rise of the post-00s also began to show growth potential in the consumer market. Various industries from brands to products to channels and marketing, are inevitably moving towards rejuvenation. This is both a benefit and a spur for ANNWA Sanitary Ware to deepen its rejuvenation strategy to strengthen its own brand tone and competitive advantage. 2022, ANNWA Sanitary Ware upgraded its rejuvenation strategy again, moving in the direction of a trendy fashion that is more out of the industry, not only out of consideration for changes in the consumer environment, but also based on the need for brand strategy, which is the result of differentiation and more This is the result of differentiation and more targeted development. In ANNWA, rejuvenation is not a compromise, but has always been the direction.


Youth + fashion + quality, to create a brand loved by young people

Nowadays, rejuvenation has become an industry trend, and “the one who gets young people gets the world” is already a consensus. So, how to create a brand and products that are really loved by young people? Anwar believes that the essence of branding is inseparable from the insight of consumer needs, and the primary basis is definitely the product. Based on the current demand of young people for self-pleasure and personalization, Anwar constantly adjusts the product design and functions to make them more suitable for young people’s aesthetics and preferences. At the same time, in terms of brand strategy, Anwar also further adjusts the brand visual system, aesthetically explores and inspects the youthful style, from brand planning to terminal precipitation and endogenous growth, adjusts the direction of external communication voices, and communicates with young people around their lifestyles, consumption concepts and media contact habits.

How ANNWA shape the young, fashionable bathroom label? - Blog - 2

For example, young people now prefer products with simplicity, sense of design and advanced sense. For this reason, ANNWA has injected elements of simplicity and light luxury into the bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, shower rooms and other large items, as well as small items such as faucets, showers and hardware pendants. At the same time, with the rise of full bathroom customization in recent years, ANNWA Sanitary continues to make efforts in this area, continuously improving the design and production efficiency, so as to enhance the delivery capacity and provide consumers with a better customization experience.


Adhere to the big business policy, help dealers gross margin steadily improve

In terms of sales, ANNWA Sanitary will continue to adhere to the provincial capital big business policy, by supporting the big business and expanding market coverage, to play a good market battle. It is reported that Anwar has always attached great importance to the “store sales” segment, and has invested a lot of resources and energy in this area to develop the market together with dealers. In the next three years, ANNWA sanitary ware hope that the dealer’s gross margin can continue to steadily improve on its own basis. ANNWA sanitary ware said that next year will be online and offline at the same time, one is the offline aspect of sinking the market to build more terminal stores and outlets; the second is online marketing through live, short video and other ways to further close to the consumer information receiving channels.

From the brand to the product, to the channel, marketing and team, ANNWA sanitary ware is getting clearer and clearer about its brand positioning and development planning. In the future, ANNWA will move more firmly in the direction of high-end and youthful, improve in all dimensions, provide more and better products for the industry market, and create a trendy sanitary space that takes into account the physical and emotional needs of consumers.





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