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How does folded kitchen mixer work?

Faucet is an indispensable thing in the kitchen, the traditional kitchen decoration are installed in the sink above the faucet, washing dishes and cooking from here to receive water, sometimes stir-fry is not prepared in advance, the water will be a mess. So now there is a new design, is to install a foldable faucet on the wall of the stove, stir-fry when you need to pull over you can put water, not only practical but also beautiful.

This faucet is installed on the wall by the stove, usually not used can be folded up, the design is novel, folded up is also very beautiful. Stir-fry when you need water, directly pull the faucet over you can put water into the pot, do not need a basin to catch, very convenient.

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This faucet was first popular only in the back of the hotel kitchen, the chef stir-fry is calculated by the second, the stove top has a faucet can take water at any time will be much more convenient. Later, someone cited it to the home kitchen, found that it is still very practical. If the wall is not good, it can also be installed to the foot of the wall by the stove.

The faucet directly to the pot of water, you can reduce the past with a basin to catch water wet countertops. Installed above the stove, you can take water in a second. Stir-fry, soup, cooking are inseparable from the water, the installation of faucets do not have to be far away, installed in the stove top is the most appropriate.

This faucet with two turn of the water pipe, you can adjust the length and angle, in the hotel kitchen, the chef with a spoon can be very flexible to control the position of the faucet and switch the water on and off. It does not take up space when folded up when not needed.

When installing, pay attention to the distance between the design of the faucet and the stove top, not too close to each other, so as not to be affected by the stove fire. Installed too low may also collide with the edge of the pot, these issues should be taken into account in advance.

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In addition, the water pipe installed in the wall, pay attention to do a good job of waterproofing, so as not to leak the wall and stove top moisture mold.

Finally also pay attention to the selection of faucet material, gold and antique copper color looks courtly, good-looking is good-looking but not good care, especially after stained with oil, if cleaning improperly may fall off the paint ugly. Ordinary families choose stainless steel is very good, the surface is smooth and easy to clean.

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