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How to select the most suitable faucet water purifier?

Faucet water purifier is useful, but can not completely filter the impurities in the water, faucet water purifier can adsorb residual chlorine and odor in the water and filter out suspended pollutants in the water, such as: algae, insects, rust, etc., to improve the taste of the purpose. But it can not sterilize and filter fine suspended particles, while the water purified by the faucet water purifier can not drink directly, but also need to be boiled before drinking, faucet water purifier is suitable for washing dishes, washing clothes and other simple living water.

If you have certain drinking water requirements, as well as friends who want to drink healthy water, it is recommended to use reverse osmosis water purifier or ultra filtration water purifier (ultra filtration water purifier is suitable for use in areas where water quality is better).

Reverse osmosis water purifier.

Can filter out all impurities in the water, because it uses reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology, is currently the most sophisticated a membrane method of liquid separation technology, its filtration accuracy of 0.0001μm, almost 100% can block the inflow of impurities (the size of impurities is generally greater than 0.005μm), the filtered water can be directly drunk, clean and refreshing.

Disadvantages: the need for electricity (because the membrane pore size is too small, by normal water pressure, water molecules can not pass smoothly, so you need to borrow external pressure), and waste water (because the filtration of the way, impurities will accumulate more and more, in order to prevent the cartridge is blocked, the machine will come with automatic flushing cartridge function, this part of the flushing water is waste water).

Ultra filtration water purifier.

No electricity, no waste water, pure physical filtration, the filtered water can be directly drunk.

Disadvantages: filter out heavy metal ions, because of its filtration accuracy in 0.01-0.001μm, while the size of heavy metal ions is smaller than the filtration accuracy of ultra filtration membrane, so ultra filtration water purifier is more suitable for better water quality.

How to select the most suitable water purifier

1, first look at the water purifier products have the relevant certificate of conformity, as well as after-sales service is perfect, because only quality assurance can be the next step in the selection, as well as only after-sales guarantee can be used without worry (product installation, filter replacement, product failure repair, etc. need to help after-sales solution).

2, according to their own regional water quality to buy water purifier (water impurities less can buy ultra-filtration, more impurities in the water to buy reverse osmosis).

3, need to understand the water purifier filtration with the filter material (misconception: the more cartridges, the better the filtering effect).

4, according to the conditions of their homes to choose the water purifier installation (installation: under the kitchen, desktop, embedded).

5, to understand whether the cost performance of the product is proportional (misconception: the higher the price of the product, the better the quality)

6, to understand the brand of the product, especially foreign (because many bad businessmen will fake foreign brands to deceive consumers)



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