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How to choose the best floor drainer?

We decorate in order to have a comfortable and convenient life, floor drain belongs to the most inconspicuous but vital small parts of the home, floor drain, is the ground and drainage system link drainage apparatus, is an important interface connecting the drainage system and is the indoor ground. Not only that, odor control is also an important function of its design, so be careful and attentive when choosing, it can be related to every aspect of your life! So how exactly to choose the right floor drain at home?

A: Floor drain type

  1. shallow water seal floor drain

This kind of itself does not prevent odor and insects, because of the existence of water, so as to achieve the purpose of isolation and deodorization of mosquitoes and insects. Simply put, there is water in the lower layer of the floor drain and the upper layer of the floor drain is isolated, think about it, after a period of time, all kinds of impurities will hang in the bottom, difficult to clean while the water is also slow. If you do not use it for a long time, then the odor and insect prevention is virtually useless. And this kind of floor drain does not really prevent odor!

  1. Bouncing floor drain

Manual control closure, and difficult to clean up, for many lazy cancer patients now directly PASS away, bounce is to rely on the middle of a spring, over time, the spring will rust corrosion, once the spring is broken, the floor drain is finished, which is also a major test of the life of the hardware. Probably only the renovation of the white in the case of ignorance will buy this floor drain.

  1. Deep water seal floor drain

In fact, the principle of deep water seal and shallow water seal is the same, but the water seal layer is increased by 7-8cm, so that the effect of insect and odor prevention is greatly enhanced. This kind of floor drain has a general speed, can’t prevent backflow, and has a certain cleanup does. Now many businesses recommend this kind of floor drain and give customers experiments with quartz sand, but the reality is that the accumulation in the floor drain is mostly mucilage, and the adhesion is very strong. Even if the deep water floor drain, can not get rid of this shortcoming.

How to distinguish what kind of floor drain is good?

  1. Fast drainage, anti-clogging, anti-backflow. Relatively speaking, the speed of the floor drain without water seal is faster than the water seal floor drain when discharging washing machine water.
  2. Anti-odor, anti-odor, anti-bacteria and anti-bug. Relatively speaking, the new water-sealed floor drain has more advantages.
  3. Easy to clean. Especially girls have a better understanding of the hair will be blocking the drain when bathing, there are many new floor drains with built-in floor drain, clean-up is also very convenient.

Which floor drain should I choose at home?

  1. In the bathroom and some areas where water is often used, it is recommended to use deep water seal floor drains. Because there is often water in these areas, it is safer to use water-sealed floor drains. The drainage of shower is not as big as the drainage of laundry, so this kind of floor drain can completely cope with it.
  2. For kitchen and balcony, where water is not often used, it is recommended to use a watertight floor drain. Because water seal floor drains must have water stored inside, it is better to use water seal floor drains for these places where water is discharged once in a while
  3. The floor drain in the laundry room, it is recommended to use the inline watertight floor drain.





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