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How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Bathroom Shop? It’s Sad When The Boss Tells The Truth In Tears!

Bathroom Business School

Recently in the bathroom industry has been exposed to a certain bathroom store plans to transfer the store, a bathroom store is ready to close the door. Today again in the circle of friends in WeChat saw a ten years in the industry to sell bathroom shop is rented, a ten years of bathroom shop on the exit. I feel particularly forlorn inside, but also to us a wake-up call. In the same industry, I am also missing a friend. It was a kind of rabbit’s-eye pall, and maybe someday that person who would change careers would be me.

The bathroom seems to make money, earning more than a few tens of hundreds of yuan, even by the outside world as a profiteering industry. But the outside world may not believe, engaged in this industry in the people are all bitter.

First of all, a bathroom shop is not easy to raise.

You can’t open a shop without more than a hundred thousand dollars in rent, renovations, and purchases!

A skilled bathroom installers need at least two to three years of time to hone, study the technology, accumulate experience. And it’s even harder to make a store bigger, as you need to keep building up your customer base. Because of the pre-commercial period, customer trust is low and there is little business to be made, so there will be many people who join the industry and then quit the industry because it is difficult to sustain for a while. There are many people who close their business after a year and a half, and in the end, only a small percentage of them are able to persevere.

Secondly, the bathroom industry has entered the era of small profits.

Although I do not know what reason to transfer, but less money, operating difficulties is a fact. Due to the low threshold for entry into the sanitary industry, and even a month of people who just contacted the bathroom would like to set up their own business. Competition between the industry intensified, there is no shortage of sanitary ware stores malicious low price to pull together business.

Vicious low-price competition has led to lower and lower profits in this industry, the rent rose, artificial rose, other consumer spending rose at the same time, in terms of the bathroom is like adding insult to injury.

Furthermore, “the customer is God”.

This was originally a business service slogan, but often by customers hanging on the lips, is interpreted as a reason to spend less money, or even no money, but also more services. For example, they will say you sell here expensive, I bought the bathroom somewhere, where the delivery is free, that is also free. Another example, they will say the next time you count money together, I’ll help you promote more publicity, more customers with a few on the line. Find ways to spend less money, even don’t give money.

As a service industry and how we can, most can only swallow their anger, can only still suffer a belly of sorrow.

Some time ago you said your new house to be renovated, but also a toilet needs to be purchased. A person recommended you a good big brand. It’s new and durable style and security and safety, the price is about 3000 a. An acquaintance recommended that you choose a set of high-quality style novel, mainly safe, the price of 2400.

You suddenly think the world is too dark.
You can’t shop at a friend’s store.
Friends and acquaintances are making too much money off you.
You end up in a strange store.
It’s got all kinds of name brands.
A famous brand toilet costs 500 RMB.
For a moment, you thought your friends and acquaintances were worse than strangers.

The first day after installation.
You found…
Toilets often don’t flush well.
I have to flush the toilet two or three times every time I go to the bathroom.

It’s been less than two months.
The toilet is clogged.
The stranger said
We don’t care if the toilet’s clogged.
It didn’t say anything about repairs when I bought the toilet.
We only sell.
Delivery only.
We don’t care about the rest.
in desperation
You’ll have to ask a friend for help.
Show a friend what’s going on.
Dude, how much did you pay for this toilet?
It’s a 500 RMB toilet.
Dude, you bought too much.
The market price for this toilet is 300 RMB max.
The quality is awful.
Let’s unclog it.
It’ll still be clogged in less than two months.
And the one I introduced you to last time for 3,000 yuan.
I’m not making any money off you.
Purchase price 2800 RMB, installation included, 2 years maintenance.
And that’s when you regret it.
And that’s when you thought.
It’s better to trust a friend you know.

Acquaintances may not give you the cheapest recommended bathroom, but must be better quality.

Many people buy bathroom like to compare three, which is normal. But different brands of bathroom even if the appearance is almost the same, the quality will be very different, the materials used will be very different, so the price of different brands of bathroom is not comparable.

So acquaintances to give you the recommended bathroom is not necessarily to give you the cheapest recommended, because they have to consider is the bathroom to suit you, quality assurance, price as far as possible to give you a discount.

Find acquaintances to buy bathroom the biggest advantage is not in the current price, but in the after-sales service.

Now the sanitary ware profit space has been very low, the profit space itself is not much, even if it is an acquaintance can not sell to you at a loss, do business with a little profit space we all need to understand.

The biggest advantage of finding acquaintances to buy sanitary ware is not in the present price, but reflected in the after-sales service. Even outside of two years (two years of general warranty), will also save you money in future maintenance. Repair general small problems, they will not charge you money, big problems less money, after all, toilet, bathroom cabinets, showers, faucets generally have to use a few years, can not just care about the immediate.

Acquaintances take care of each other’s business, and there are times when anyone needs help.

Anyone can’t work or live without a circle of acquaintances, and all you have to do is look out for each other, so maybe you’ll need help from someone you know that day. If you ask a stranger to buy a bathroom, will the stranger help you when you need help? That’s when you still have to count on people you know, it’s all about people lifting each other up and helping each other!

There are special circumstances where people you know help you without asking you for more money.

When your toilet is broken, the first thing that comes to your mind is to have an acquaintance fix it for you because you know that only an acquaintance won’t rip you off at this time. An acquaintance will help you and not ask you for a penny, because it’s not about money anymore.

An acquaintance will give you a real price and spend it plainly.

What haggling, what specials, subsidies, are all just words of a liar, they add on to the original price. If you believe, but will spend more wasted money.

A lot of people who sell bathrooms have experience, acquaintance business is difficult to do, a big reason is that consumers treat acquaintance business too high expectations, hope that acquaintance can give special preferential prices, and did not see acquaintance business brings quality assurance and after-sales service of the real benefits.