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To successfully transform, faucet companies must attach importance to satisfaction

The ideal path for the development of faucet enterprises is to start from nothing, from small to strong, from strong to large, and the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise can be summarized as the overall level of sales, sales + production, sales + production + research and development; products in the product dimension, products +Services, products+services+solutions; market dimensions of region, region+national, region+national+international; equipment dimension of labor, labor+mechanization, labor+mechanization+automation; technical dimension of imitation, imitation + improvement, imitation +Improved+Original. Although the transformation and upgrading of most faucet companies is an alternating mixture of multiple dimensions, the companies that can succeed in the transformation and upgrading are generally based on whether they can improve the satisfaction of stakeholders.

Customer satisfaction

Customers are the parents of the company. There are many names of similar products on the market, but what ultimately allows customers to pay is to buy your company’s products to obtain higher satisfaction than other companies’ products. Although “customer satisfaction” is highly subjective and difficult to measure, it is indeed “satisfaction” that affects customer decision-making, especially for the entire customer group, and even more so for corporate customers who purchase rationally.

The product can be endowed with many functions, and the technological content can be very advanced, but the decision-making basis for customers’ purchase must be “satisfaction evaluation based on payment.” China’s national conditions with multiple levels of demand make it impossible for all faucet companies to produce high-end products. Huawei can upgrade its products and customers, allowing customers to “encircle the cities from the countryside”, and the market dominates the world from the domestic market; Laoganma has seen little price increase over the years, and can also become a strong brand, allowing competitors to cause low quality because of low prices. Either give up the low-end and go to the high-end. The transformation and upgrading paths chosen by the two are quite different, but they both ensure that customers receive high “satisfaction” products. If a manufacturing company can continue to provide customers with “high satisfaction” products, even if it cannot grow into a Huawei-style world-class enterprise or a well-known company in the country, it may become a sub-industry or a specific region. “Small but strong” enterprise.

It is the product cost performance that ensures customer satisfaction. “Quality is the biggest dividend” means that Chinese manufacturing companies will have a lot of room for dividends if they can truly provide cost-effective products based on customer needs. Randomly check the daily production of live products, you will find that “unused performance and insufficient performance” generally coexist, and this greatly affects production costs and product prices, and ultimately affect customer satisfaction. How many functions your mobile phone has never used before, and its anti-drop and waterproof functions are far from enough.

Business satisfaction

The satisfaction of the enterprise can be intuitively explained as the satisfaction of the owner or shareholder of the tap business. To be able to make a profit, and it is best to be able to make a long-term and sustained profit, will have a higher corporate satisfaction.

Faucet entrepreneurs are the first variable in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The problem-oriented transformation and upgrading programs mentioned by the forum guests can bring high satisfaction returns to enterprises. Of course, “problem orientation” is also divided into long-term and short-term, overall and partial. How to determine the level of problem solving requires the vision and courage of entrepreneurs.

It is difficult to operate the real economy, especially the manufacturing industry, especially under the repeated stimulation of huge real estate profits, the contrast is even greater. Entrepreneurs need to have feelings, mission and determination to become a “small and beautiful” company, or even an invisible champion company. However, “feelings, mission, determination” requires a satisfactory return as a prerequisite. The private investment in the real economy that has been declining since last year clearly illustrates the problem.

In addition, “feelings, mission, determination” also considers the entrepreneur’s vision of choosing the direction and the basic viability of the enterprise, otherwise the so-called persistence will become synonymous with “stubbornness” and may be regarded as a laughing stock.

Employee satisfaction

Everyone knows that “talents in the 21st century are the most important.” Whether the transformation and upgrading can be successful depends on the satisfaction of employees. Employees are the first capital of an enterprise, especially the outstanding employees suitable for the enterprise, including members of the enterprise leadership. “Capital is money that can make money.” Employees who are capital must also be employees who can create value for the company. Employees are capital with subjective initiative. In order to enable them to create higher value, they should ensure and improve employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is a highly subjective indicator. Although different employees have different concerns, they are always inseparable from factors such as fund income, skill improvement, career development, position promotion, and power. At most, they focus on weight. different.

According to statistics, companies with high employee satisfaction tend to have lower total costs. This is why some well-known companies always provide excellent employees with “difficult to refuse treatment”. Some people are worried that the government departments’ embarrassment of “high salaries and honesty” a few years ago, it is necessary to check the evaluation, selection, and training mechanisms of enterprises. There are two examples to refer to. One is the “horse racing” mechanism mentioned by the guests on the forum, and the other is the “values ​​can be assessed” mentioned by Ma Yun at the opening ceremony of the third term of Lakeside University.

What needs to be emphasized is that “decentralization of power is more difficult than profit sharing” is a hurdle that domestic entrepreneurs must “step past” in improving employee satisfaction, especially the satisfaction of corporate executive team members.

Supplier’s satisfaction

Transformation and upgrading is a process of internal and external collaboration, and it is impossible to succeed without the support of suppliers. “The current market competition is not competition between enterprises, but competition between enterprises’ supply chains.” Such a view has long been recognized, but the actual situation is not satisfactory. Most manufacturing companies are unwilling to supply to domestic companies with loose requirements, but are willing to supply to foreign companies with strict requirements. The main reason is that the former “does not go on the road and always defaults on the payment”, while the latter fulfills the contract and pays the payment happily ; Other reasons are that the orders of the former are volatile and the demand of the latter is stable. In a word, the “overall satisfaction” of doing business with foreign companies is relatively high.

Comparing one’s heart, or thinking in another place, is willing to deal with “rule-speaking” companies, and also knows the motivation of foreign customers to ensure “supplier satisfaction”, why can’t they start to improve the satisfaction of their suppliers? Do not do to others!

Social (community) satisfaction

Society (community) satisfaction does not seem to have much to do with the transformation and upgrading of faucet companies, but it is not. Faucet enterprises are the composition of society, and the survival and development of enterprises affect the surrounding and social environment and ecology. In the past, the hope was that the faucet companies themselves found themselves conscientiously, or through the establishment of a sense of responsibility, they consciously maintained the satisfaction of their society (community), and the result was “green mountains and rivers no longer exist”. The environmental protection policy that began to increase last year is very necessary to ensure the improvement of social (community) satisfaction. To adapt to the new situation, faucet manufacturers must be certified to deal with this transformation and upgrading.

In addition, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises with Chinese characteristics also need to consider the satisfaction of the government, and even the satisfaction of government officials.

“Transformation and upgrading” is the path that should be chosen by the whole country under the new normal. The behavioral choices of faucet enterprises not only need to pay attention to the different main directions of countries, regions, and enterprises, but also understand the transformation and upgrading of enterprises of different scales and different technological content. The focus should be significantly different. However, in essence, the process of transformation and upgrading of faucet enterprises is a process of continuously achieving a balance in improving the satisfaction of stakeholders, or at least an increase in satisfaction, not at the cost of another decrease in satisfaction. That is to achieve the so-called win-win situation. Informatization, Internet +, intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc. are all tools that serve to improve the satisfaction of stakeholders. The introduction of tools must be based on whether they can improve satisfaction. !