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Wenzhou faucet quality sampling rate is only about 30%

The Wenzhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce released a random inspection report on the quality of faucets on the market this year. This time, a total of 51 batches of faucets from 18 companies were spot-checked, but only about 30% of the batches met the regulations. That is to say, only 17 batches of faucets on the market are qualified, and 34 batches are unqualified. Such a low pass rate also shows that there are serious problems in the local faucet market in Wenzhou.

Faucet sampling rate has always been low

Relevant persons said that there is no need to be surprised by the extremely low sampling rate of faucets in Wenzhou City, because the sampling rate of faucets in various regions is relatively low, including a large number of well-known sanitary ware companies that produce unqualified faucets. For this reason, the seemingly inconspicuous thing like faucet has caused many brand sanitary ware companies to stumble. Brands such as Huaxian Sanitary Ware, Knee, and Gupide have also appeared in the category of unqualified products in Wenzhou faucet sampling, which also shows that the situation in the faucet market can be described as extremely complicated, and consumers also have a lot of problems when buying faucets.

The faucet market is too saturated

Relevant personnel said that the qualification rate of faucets in the market is indeed relatively low and the problems caused by other companies are also relatively high. Because the faucet market has been severely saturated, market competition is also extremely fierce. In the current market, price wars mainly exist. Therefore, many companies will try to reduce the production cost of faucets, but this will also affect the product. For this reason, quality has created many faucet problems even for brand companies.

Sampling inspection status of faucets in Shanghai

At the beginning of this year, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce announced the sampling status of last year’s faucet market. Among the products sampled, 39 batches did not meet the requirements, and the failure rate reached 63%. Many well-known companies are also on the list, such as American Standard, Hansgrohe, Kohler, Hecheng, and Fine Sanitary Ware, which have unqualified batches of faucet products. It is even more surprising that the passing rate of faucet sampling inspection in Wuhan is only 16%. The companies involved in substandard products also include many well-known sanitary ware companies such as Marco Polo, Yimeijia, Nobel, Momari, etc. .

However, an unnamed person said that the data tested by the current testing agency may not be accurate, and the products circulating on the market also have various grades. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that there must be a problem with the product, but random inspections from the production side The rate is obviously higher than the circulation field.



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