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How To Choose A Bathroom Basin, Reading This Article Is Enough!

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Home bathroom to choose a pedestal basin, is not tangled to choose which is good?

Choose a pedestal basin, or under the counter basin. Choose one basin, or bracket basin?

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these basins, to see which features we want most.

The bathroom belongs to the most easily dirty, bad cleaning and care of the space at home. The bathroom is generally a place where moisture, dirt and bacteria tend to breed. (Get it wrong, there may also be cockroaches and spiders.)

And the bathroom to keep clean and tidy, the two most important points are: easy to clean up and organize, and there is water to keep the place clean.

If it is based on these two points to choose the basin, we may wish to analyze one by one.



Basin style

01, pedestal basin. (Face value play)

Good-looking basin, almost all can become an installation art at home, the value of the control can consider yo!


02, undercounter basin. (Practical synonym)

Low-profile embedded undercounter basin, “stealth” shape so that the washroom area looks more refined, minimalist. This is estimated to be a lot of families with more countertop basin it.

The undercounter sink is the same as the kitchen sink. When it comes to cleaning and cleaning, you’ll know.


03, one piece basin. (Installation zero pressure)

Countertop and basin is a one-piece molding, saving a lot of trouble for cleaning. Because it is a modular collocation group model allows the installation of zero pressure.


04, half hanging basin. (Space-saving ability)

If you want to leave the size of the space more generous, choose half hanging basin is the best solution.


05, bracket basin (big long legs)

Bracket basin, born with long legs, light body. Especially suitable for small spaces to use.


06, column basin. (Good sense of art)

The stand basin is removable. But because it is straight through the water, not easy to clog, back to the water bend in the next layer.

The disadvantage is that there is no countertop for placing items, such as mouth cups, cosmetics and the like.



Countertop basin storage and storage volume, which is more advantageous?

The storage capacity of the basin, this is about storage. Imagine, ladies of all kinds of skin care products, cosmetics, toothpaste toothbrush, etc. on the countertop, is not it will become very messy?

Storage ★★★★

Countertop basin, undercounter basin, one piece basin, in fact, they should be about the same in terms of storage capacity. If the size of the home is enough, you can also consider the double pedestal basin. It not only looks big in volume, but in use, it is really convenient!

▲ Counter Basin. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to use it.

▲ A single basin. The space under the counter sink cabinet can be fully utilized, storage space, enough to use.

Storage capacity ★★★★★★

Semi-hung basin. In the storage volume is the middle. Because the thickness is a little thinner, thus there is also some more aisle space. This makes the bathroom look a little more spacious.

The design of the overhang allows the feet to reach into some cabinets to avoid dripping onto the clothes when brushing your teeth.

▲ Semi-hung basin. It is lighter and thinner with relatively less storage.

Storage capacity ★★★

Stand basin, stand basin. They belong to the series of high value, naturally slightly missing some in the degree of practicality. The space under the basin is almost not able to use up.

▲Stand basin. The following is empty, saving space, and storage place will naturally be much less.

▲Standing basin. There is basically no extra space for storage under the counter.


The difficulty of cleaning the countertop basin, you must compare it to know.

Cleanliness ★★★★

One-piece basin. At first glance, you know there are no gaps and uniquely shaped corners. Cleaning will be a little more convenient, this is not one of them.

Cleanliness ★★★★★★

Undercounter basin. The embedded design has no more dead ends. The articulation of the countertop to use good quality adhesive glue to avoid future aging, resulting in moldy spots on the articulation.

Bracket basin. The dirt on the countertop is good to clean. The shape under the basin determines that it is very powerful in cleaning.

Column basin. It as long as it is not very concave shape, general cleaning up, very easy.


Countertop basin. Seriously, this is the most difficult. The splash scene must be common. Then there are all kinds of recessed curved basin corner gaps, easy to have cleaning blind spots. Virgo’s will definitely collapse. (Concave simple, linear type of countertop basin is good to take care of some.)


The size of the pedestal basin problem, may need to customize the pedestal basin.

About the size of the problem, can not be ignored. Its height will affect the convenience of our use. The pedestal basin is too high, inconvenient to use. If the pedestal basin is too low, people stand with back pain and splashing water.

Just pay attention to a principle: the bathroom washbasin height to maintain the height of about half of the owner’s own height is more appropriate, such a height is also very comfortable to use. (Do the math yourself to see if the height of your own basin is appropriate.

▲If, the couple height difference is relatively large. We can also design this way, look is not very interesting? This not only solves the problem of height difference, but also has its own pedestal basin.

The choice of pedestal basin, but also need to be based on the specific design plan to decide, such as modeling, color matching, size and so on need to be taken into account.

Finally, in order to keep this space dry and clean, I think it is necessary to do some organizing here.

Return used items at the basin to their original place, use a dry towel, and dry the moisture in time. Ventilate as much time as possible every day, etc. Although it may seem like a lot of trouble, but once you get into the habit, it will naturally be much easier.

What do you think?



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