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How To Decorate The Bathroom At Home? All Say Absolutely!

Bathroom Business School

A 90 square meters of the house, the bathroom generally only accounts for 4 to 6 square meters. But for this small 4 to 6 square meters bathroom, if you want to install more style, it may cost you tens of thousands.

Today we will tell you how to save money in the case, can also be installed “senior” bathroom.

Refreshing bathroom is advanced

Refreshing here does not mean the color, but the storage place neat and clean. Messy, poorly cleaned bathroom, is how not to show senior.

Wet and dry separation

The bathroom does not look clean. Sometimes it is not cleaned well, but too wet everywhere. So wet and dry separation must be taken seriously. A common wet and dry separation is to separate the 3 areas of the bathroom: shower area, toilet, and sink with glass, walls, and other partitions.

If your bathroom is too small, then you can directly separate the shower area from the toilet and sink alone. This is the common two-style separation we see.

▲These 2 types are considered as two types of separation: the left picture of the shower area is separated separately, and the right picture of the sink is separated separately

If the space is big enough, it is recommended to partition the shower area, sink and toilet area.

Regarding the material of the partition, it is better to use glass or half wall. With the water barrier, it can play a good role in separating wet and dry.

Here to mention a point is that many friends want to hang shower curtain to partition. Individuals actually do not recommend it. It can neither keep out water on the floor, nor is it prone to mold. And it doesn’t look textured.


Niches or partitions

Those miscellaneous supplies put in the bathroom will unknowingly take up a lot of space. How about hollowing out a hole in the wall to make a niche, open on both sides of the sink and the shower area. It does not take up space, and things put in it will not fall down. The size of the niche depends on the size of the items to be placed, between 15 to 20cm.

In addition, you can also put a universal partition above the toilet, or on the surrounding wall. This will make full use of the wall space to free the sink.


No odor

I don’t know if you have ever had this experience, even if the bathroom is clean, there is always a strange smell. This problem usually occurs because the following four places did not do a good job.

The floor drain is not chosen correctly. Bathroom shower area, choose a deep water seal floor drain. Internal water storage blocks odor. Choose T-type floor drain in the dry area to prevent insects and odor.

  • Check whether the toilet flange ring is aging or broken, and replace it in time. The toilet side should also be sealed with a layer of glass glue.
  • Washbasin water pipe should be made to store water bend, water seal deodorant. There is no water storage bend, you can use a hose concave into S-shaped instead.
  • Install a non-return valve on the bathroom exhaust fan to prevent the air in the duct from flowing back into the bathroom.

See which cause of the problem in your home. Basically solve these 4 points, you can isolate the bathroom odor from the root.


Color to match in place

The right color has a huge impact on the value of the home, the most important thing for the bathroom is the color of the tiles.

For small bathrooms, because of the limited space, it is recommended to choose white, beige and other such light tone tiles. It can make the space look brighter and visually show larger.

If you feel that as long as the light color is too monotonous, you can match a small area with some small flower tiles or other dark tiles to press a pressure.

Larger area of the bathroom is more suitable for black, gray, these dark tiles, the whole bathroom will look more atmospheric. If you use a dark tile, then it is best to use white to the tile seam.


Other senior details

In addition to the above mentioned several big aspects, want to make the bathroom has a sense of senior, some other small design can not be ignored, I list a few for your reference.

Toilet & shower

Toilet installation wall-mounted toilet, can make full use of the space above to increase storage colleagues also high value, in addition to the shower can choose the concealed form.


Shower, toilet and sink partition lighting. This not only enhances the brightness, but also brings a delicate feeling of space.

In addition, you need to install light strips or bulbs around the mirror to increase the local lighting. This will ensure that there are no shadows on your face when applying makeup and washing up.

Floor Drain

Floor drains are just a small detail. The common square floor drains may not be very aesthetically pleasing. Those who are looking for the ultimate can consider the following long floor drain, which is beautiful and faster to drain.



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