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Unpacking The Smart Toilet Lid, We Found This Secret …….

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Nowadays, smart toilets and smart toilet covers are selling hotter and hotter

The quality and safety issues that come with them also make people helpless

You think you are enjoying the pleasure of flushing your buttocks

The result is to accept the aggravation of “burned buttocks”

You think you are experiencing a high quality of life

But it turns out to be a “life-threatening” lesson

Real cases

Mr. Deng, a citizen of Pingxiang, Jiangxi, was using a high-grade toilet with automatic heating in his home when the toilet suddenly smoked with fire and almost burned his buttocks.

A lady in Dongguan had a spontaneous combustion of a smart toilet at home. Five or six hundred square meters of luxury villa in the size of the objects are covered by the black dust generated by the burnt toilet cover. According to the owner of the mansion estimated losses of more than 300,000 yuan. Although people are not at home not hurt, the loss of belongings has been beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Mr. Yuan, a Xi’an citizen, returned from his morning grocery shopping and found smoke rolling from his house. The smart toilet in the bathroom just caught fire unknowingly.


What exactly are the potential hazards of smart toilets?

Flushing burns

One of the most important changes in the smart toilet compared to the traditional toilet is that it has a nozzle flushing function. When you have finished using the toilet, the smart toilet will automatically spray a small cluster of water to flush your butt.

However, in the face of options and a wide variety of control panels, there is a certain degree of operational difficulty for the elderly and children in using them. Improper operation can lead to high water temperature and the possibility of scalding.


Seat scalding

In addition to the nozzle flushing device, another feature of the intelligent toilet is the seat heating. The seat will be automatically sensed and heated to the appropriate temperature of the human body, so that users in the cold winter completely say goodbye to the unpleasant feeling of cold. Under normal circumstances, the internal seat will have a protective device to prevent the temperature is too high to burn the body.

And many bad businessmen in the spirit of cost savings, increase the competitiveness of the purpose of reducing the content of flame retardants. They are then “fire butt” phenomenon occurs from time to time.

In addition, the seat heater power in the 20W ~ 55W. In the process of use, if you accidentally put something on it, it may prompt its heat cycle is not enough, which leads to the softening of this piece of plastic. From there, it will lead to the seat extremely fast heat scalding users.


Threat of electric shock

Smart toilet requires 24 hours of uninterrupted plug-in use. In the vast majority of homes in China, the toilet and bath are together, and do not achieve the condition of wet and dry separation.

In this particular environment, the shower water inadvertently sprayed to the intelligent toilet cover, the toilet cover and side circuit board in contact with the water may lead to circuit failure, at this time stay in the bathroom is prone to electrocution accidents.


Why can some smart toilets sell for 10,000 RMB and some for 1,000?

Some only sell for 1,000 RMB?

The appearance looks the same, and the function looks similar. Why do some smart toilets sell for 10,000 RMB, while others only cost 1,000 RMB? You say you are a brand, but it’s not that much more expensive? What is the difference between a smart toilet cover that costs a few hundred and a few thousand RMB? Unpacking the toilet lid, we found these secrets.


Difference 1: raw materials and accessories are not the same

Water inlet valve: do not underestimate this inconspicuous thing. If the water inlet valve is not good, it is easy to cause water leakage problems.

Motor: If the drying electric fan is out of order, the electric wire is still heating, easy to start a fire, so the motor must be good.

Difference 2: manufacturing costs are not the same

Brand toilet due to product material fine, fine workmanship, manufacturing costs are high, the selling price is naturally more expensive than miscellaneous brands. For example, the gluing process: after the gluing process processed intelligent toilet cover, can protect the motherboard in all aspects, avoiding the water vapor, water intrusion, so as to protect the quality and life of the product.

The left picture has the motherboard grouting, there are pictures of the motherboard without grouting


Difference 3: factory inspection is not the same

Legitimate manufacturers are meticulous about the product, the product will be factory before the strict quality inspection gatekeeper. They will not let any of the unqualified products into the market. And miscellaneous manufacturers have very low requirements for product quality, they only focus on how the product can be manufactured at the lowest cost to make the highest profit. For example, the following chart: a good smart toilet cover violence disassembled, we can see the layout of the various components closely and reasonably, the line is also more neat. And poor quality intelligent toilet cover after disassembly, wiring messy.


Difference 4: after-sales service is not the same

Big brand manufacturers have a perfect after-sales service system, very concerned about the sales out of each product generated by the word of mouth. And workshop type black processing point production, production configuration is lower or substandard products are mostly counterfeit brands. They do not care about the negative word-of-mouth generated by the products sold. Because their products are configured low extremely cheap, so sell one to earn one.

Low-priced poor quality smart toilet

“Burning buttocks” accidents occur frequently

How to buy to maximize the

Avoid the safety hazards of smart toilets?

  1. Offline experience before placing an order

Smart toilet cover with water heating, seat heating, drying and other functions. You’d better experience offline first to understand clearly before placing an order. When buying to see whether to meet national standards, you can ask the businessman to show relevant documents.

  1. Concerned about flame retardant materials

Check the product certificate and the national safety test certificate. See whether the materials used add flame retardants. Flame retardant is divided into three levels: V-0, V-1, V-2, of which V-0 level flame retardant effect is the best. Even in the event of an accident, the product will not burn.

  1. Check to clear the logo information

A qualified intelligent toilet or toilet cover must have Chinese information and Chinese instructions, grounding symbols, waterproof level and other signs and instructions information degree of waterproof protection / waterproof level of IP code at least to splash-proof (IPX4), in order to effectively prevent water splashing out caused by electrical short-circuit fire, leakage and other safety accidents.

  1. Actual power distribution standards

The actual power and its nominal rated power deviation range value between -10% to +5%. When buying a smart toilet cover, you should ask the merchant to actually measure the input power of the product on site. If there is too much difference with the power indicated, it will certainly affect the use and safety of the actual function. Second, the intelligent toilet cover socket should be equipped with a three-plug power supply.

  1. Check the toilet grounding measures

According to the national standard, the grounding measures of the intelligent toilet cover should be done, the product’s easily accessible metal parts are permanently and reliably connected to a grounding end or input jack ground contact, and the clamping device of the grounding end should be solid. When selecting a smart toilet cover, pay attention to see if there is such a grounding end near the lead end of the power cord of the toilet cover.



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