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Nanan Sanitary Ware Enterprises With “Black Technology” In Shanghai Kitchen Exhibition

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26, the 26th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition”) in the Shanghai New International Expo Center grand opening. Last year, due to the epidemic prevention and control needs, started in 1996, known as the bathroom industry “Oscar” of the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show suspended for a year.

Nanan Sanitary Ware Enterprises With

As the industry’s first forward-looking event after the epidemic, nearly 1,500 world-renowned brands and manufacturers from France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and other countries, with the world’s top bathroom technology focused on the show. “. Our reporter Su Qingbin

Bathroom again set off the intelligent revolution

Shanghai Kitchen & Bath show is not only products, but also foreshadows the future development of the bathroom industry. As a leading company in the world of intelligent leadership, Jomoo’s every move is highly regarded. This time, Jomoo opened the prelude of the future intelligent kitchen and bathroom space revolution from two dimensions: wisdom – technology and wisdom – national trend.

Intelligent personality experience, intelligent identification of users, intelligent health consultant, intelligent privacy control. On the first day of the exhibition, Jomoo launched a digital technology suite – Sensa Smart Fantasy Space, which attracted many visitors to stop and experience. This is the revolutionary achievement of Jomoo bathroom products from single product intelligence to space intelligence.

With the improvement of the national quality of life, more and more intelligent homes are entering thousands of households. Single sanitary products can also be through intelligent technology. They are constantly updated and iterated, gradually upgraded from functional to health, customization, convenience and other dimensions. In the future, from single product intelligence to space intelligence has become a major trend in the industry, and Sensa Smart Illusion Space uses transcendent digital technology to show the industry the various extreme possibilities of the new era of sanitary ware.

High-end commercial sanitary ware, is also Jomoo focus on the direction. In the past, in many high-end commercial areas, such as world-class stadiums, international airports, scenic spots, the world’s top hotels, the supply of sanitary products has been monopolized by foreign brands. In recent years, Jomoo has continued to break through this monopoly through the revolution of technology and R&D, and has been stationed in the Bird’s Nest, Daxing Airport, the Forbidden City and other world class stages. During this year’s exhibition, Jomoo released the Voyage high-end hotel suite, using high-end design, intelligent technology and scientific materials to shape the benchmark of high-end hotel commercial suites for the industry.

As a sub-brand of Jomoo Group, Xiaomu Youpin made its debut in Shanghai Kitchen & Bathroom Show. xiaomu Youpin represents the new young force of Chinese sanitary ware, and this time it released a new technology product – the fourth generation AI pressurized descaling shower. This shower product has both the ultimate minimalist design and cutting-edge technology. It not only can realize remote control, but also can do constant temperature anti-scaling. For the pursuit of intelligent fashion, personality trends for young people, attractive.

Nanan Sanitary Ware Enterprises With

Xiaomu Youpin Shanghai exhibition hot scene

Photo source: Xiaomu Youpin public number

Also playing the technology card was Sunlot, which mainly displayed intelligent toilets. At the exhibition, Sunlot launched a patented product – wall-mounted siphon intelligent toilet (intelligent and normal models).

In recent years, Sunlot has responded to the national policy to promote the application of new building requirements. It is committed to the research, development and production of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and intelligent products. It has innovated and developed a siphon type same-layer drainage ceramic toilet that is in the leading position in the same industry.

“One of the highlights is the use of glaze, the company has developed a new lotus glaze technology, the product glaze is strong, smooth and bright in appearance, does not stick to dirt, more durable and wear-resistant.” The company’s planning department in charge of Zhuang Xiaoping introduced. In addition, this product water absorption rate is much lower than the national standard, efficient water saving, to solve the hidden danger of bathroom leakage. The new product design concept is more grounded and close to consumers.

National trendy new products to lead the new fashion

At a time when cultural confidence is rising, more and more brands are joining the national trend army. The Shanghai Kitchen & Bathroom Show, Jomoo and the top flow of the great Chen Dejian hand in hand, launched a whole house wisdom set-Frame Fang. It integrates the oriental philosophy, the ultimate Chinese aesthetics and the most cutting-edge intelligent technology. It opens a new era of national trend of “luxury” work, to bring users a customized new national trend of intelligent space.

As Generation Z enters the main stage of the development of the times, in order to attract young people of Generation Z, it is necessary to communicate with them in the way they like. From the first emergence of the concept of “national trend” in 2017 to the various cross-border ideas that have emerged, more and more brands are attracting the attention of contemporary youth with their unique national trend designs. At this year’s exhibition, Xiaomu brings different surprises of national trend to young consumers.

Nanan Sanitary Ware Enterprises With

“Unlimited youth, priceless quality”. This is the brand positioning of Xiaomu Youpin deeply focusing on nearly 250 million young core consumers. As a young brand, Xiaomu Youpin is building into a “value-price beauty” brand, that is, a high-quality, high-value, cost-effective bathroom brand.

At this year’s exhibition, Xiaomu Youpin made a stunning appearance with a unique young image. From the overall image of the exhibition hall can be seen. Blue-green translucent material as the tone of the exhibition hall, the exhibition hall with screens and LOGO as a punctuation. Wall washer lights run through the whole, reflecting the high value and high quality brand image of Xiaomu Youpin to the fullest.

In addition to the 4th generation AI pressurized descaling shower, Xiaomu also brought to the stage the leading design MIX set and the national trendy boutique “Dunhuang Feitian” and other star products.

It is understood that the MIX set design is simple and young, conquering the international jury experts on the international design stage. From tens of thousands of works, won the IF award. “A thousand-year dream, Dunhuang flying”. This is the longing of countless modern people for the millennium Silk Road culture, and Xiaomu brings to Shanghai the “Dunhuang Flying Sky” national fashion boutique, which is a fusion of Dunhuang Mogao Cave culture and cutting-edge technology, to reshape consumers’ perception of Made in China.

Nanan Sanitary Ware Enterprises With

“This will be our harvest season, as we bring the latest black technology to Shanghai. They are the latest scientific research achievements of Xiaomu, and they are also the exemplary products made in China.” Xiaomu Youpin founder Lin Xiaowei said in an interview with the media.

In addition to the release of a series of new products, the “2021 National Investment Wealth Summit Shanghai”, which will be held on the 27th at the Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, will also be one of the important activities of Xiaomu Youpin. 2021, Xiaomu Youpin has been held in a number of places across the country to recruit chambers of commerce, vigorously layout stores, shop-in-shops, special column area. Among them, a total of 45 agency customers were signed at the site of the National Wealth Investment Summit Nan’an Station, and the signing amount exceeded 116 million yuan, which was a new high for brand investment.

In this invitational meeting, Xiaomu Youpin announced that the heavyweight Olympic champion Lin Yue joined and became a Xiaomu Youpin dealer. This is the first Olympic champion store manager of “Champion Partner” program of Xiaomu.

Touch-free induction bathroom upgraded again

Nowadays, life is full of automation and intelligence. While they bring convenience to everyone, the elderly at home are bewildered. As the aging of our population becomes more and more prominent, it is especially important to choose a convenient and practical, comfortable and safe indoor space.

Nanan Sanitary Ware Enterprises With

Sunlot exhibition hall is crowded with people

Source: Sunlot Bathroom Public

On the international stage, Sunlot also introduced a product that brings intelligence and takes into account the elderly – the touch-free sensor flush toilet. This allows the elderly and children to flush contact-free after toileting, reducing the contact of bathroom bacteria and trying to avoid cross-infection of bacteria.

“Because of the epidemic, washing hands regularly has slowly become a habit. Especially families with elderly children, they are always constantly urged to wash their hands regularly and have less contact. Such as the easily neglected toilet flush button is a place where bacteria are more likely to grow and gather.” Zhuang Xiaoping shared that the innovation of the toilet is the inclusion of the induction remote control.

According to the introduction, the induction remote control is divided into two parts: the sensor and the remote control. The remote control can be placed anywhere it feels convenient. The holder of the remote control has self-adhesive stickers on the back. You just need to wipe the wall to be affixed with a towel and dip it on. Usually change the batteries directly remove the remote control on it. The sensor, on the other hand, is installed in the water tank, and it is relatively easy to change the batteries.

Nanan Sanitary Ware Enterprises With

“The toilet can freely choose the installation position, convenient for the elderly and children to use. Previously always have to twist over to press the flush button. Or on the side of the tank, the arm has to stretch back, very laborious. With touch-free flushing, completely free up hands. Especially the elderly, safety issues are guaranteed. The next issue is hygiene, to avoid contact with cross-infection.” Zhuang Xiaoping further explained. In order to avoid power outages can not operate, there is a backup flush button on the side of the toilet, specifically for power outages provide. Even if the power goes out at home, flushing is worry-free.

No coincidence, Huiyi induction sanitary ware also brought contactless induction sanitary ware to the Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show. New crown pneumonia epidemic came out of nowhere, the “health” theme pushed to the industry wind, forcing companies to research and development of health products. In this field, Nanan enterprises have long been a step ahead.

Huiyi induction sanitary ware many years ago is committed to the manufacturing of induction faucet research and development. These two years through the Nan’an plumbing pump valve and fire equipment fair has also achieved not bad results. (According to the sea silk business newspaper)



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