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The Larger The Gas Water Heater Liters The Better? Don’t Buy The Wrong One!

Bathroom Business School

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, the family wants to replace a gas water heater!

Hey, that’s great, soon you can use the new water heater.

That gas water heater liters is not the larger the better?


No! If the family’s water needs are not particularly large, there is no need to waste money to buy a large liter, just choose the right liter according to your own situation.

For a family of 3, how many liters is generally appropriate to choose?


The liters of gas water heater refers to the amount of hot water that can be produced per minute when the temperature difference between the set hot water temperature and the incoming cool water temperature is 25 degrees. It also refers to the ability of the machine to produce hot water per minute, so the more hot water outlet points, the greater the demand for liters. One kitchen and one bathroom, the recommended number of liters 12/13 liters. One kitchen and two bathrooms, the recommended number of liters 13/16 liters. One kitchen, multiple bathrooms, the recommended number of liters 16 liters. (Source: HKW Zingiber)

Wow, that makes it easy!


Hey, if you still want to know more details, I suggest you consult the gas water heater business customer service Oh!


Hey, guys, do you understand? Gas water heater liters is not the bigger the better, but to choose the right Oh! In order to prevent small partners from choosing wrongly, this is to offer you the correct choice of “gas water heater tips”. Take a look at it ~


01 banned direct vent, flue gas water heaters

In real life

Some partners will still be inline, flue type water heaters

cheap, choose to continue to use

Especially in some old neighborhoods

But inline, flue type water heaters in use

prone to inadequate combustion

resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning accidents

Therefore they have long been eliminated

The state also expressly prohibited the production and sale of Oh! In order to

Let you understand their harmful effects

Give an example

December 2020, Nanning City, Xingning District, China Road, an old district rented family of five carbon monoxide poisoning, resulting in the death of two people, three people were sent to the emergency medical treatment. Upon investigation, the household was using a direct vent gas water heater in their home. Because the residential buildings in the district are generally older and poorly ventilated, leading to the accident. Do you understand all the little ones? We must pay attention when buying or renting a house ah!


02 can choose forced-drain, balanced water heater

Forced-exhaust water heater

exhaust gas through the flue to the outside

The oxygen required for combustion is taken from the indoor

So when installing

forced-vent water heater needs to be installed outside the bathroom

such as kitchen, balcony and other well-ventilated places

The safety factor is relatively high

The price is cheaper than the balanced type

Therefore, most people will choose this type of water heater

Balanced water heater

When the balanced water heater is running

Oxygen comes from outside

Exhaust gas is discharged to the outdoors

Neither consumes nor pollutes indoor air

Therefore, the balanced water heater can be installed in the bathroom

By far it has the highest safety factor

Many partners will also choose this type


03 Do not let the gas water heater “overage service”

National regulations

Natural gas water heaters, stoves are judged to be 8 years old

That is, if your home water heater

Even if the appearance still looks very new

But when it comes to “retirement” do not let it “overage service” Oh!

Because once it exceeds its useful life

Water heater will inevitably appear

Many parts of the aging situation

will lead to the water heater performance decline efficiency

lower efficiency, gas consumption increase

Internal ash, not easy to fire easy

Incomplete combustion occurs

lead to carbon monoxide poisoning accidents

Dear friends

See this

Hurry to check

Your home water heater “spoiled”?



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