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Piano Home | Bathroom Cabinets, Meet Light And Shadow, Unlock Your Spring Stunning Time

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Spring is in the air, waiting for flowers to bloom

April’s spring breath

With the shadow of life in the sun

Piano 2021 [Bathroom Cabinet]

Awaken your spring energy

Unlock the colors of spring together with you


A sense of calmness in matte deep blue

In the morning sun of natural awakening

Unique minimalist style charm

Hanging double draw classification design

Life’s daily routine reduced to simplicity



Metallic texture precipitates vintage charm

In the quiet coldness

The quiet intrusion of greenery

Hardness and softness at the same time

The new interest is born

The application of double round mirror and double round basin elements

Let function and appearance in one

Accustomed to the happiness of good night

Also satisfied with the sweetness of good morning

Wash away the tiredness of body and mind

The placement of each item

Making room for the things of the heart

Gathering the shimmering light and harvesting the spring day



Shallow and deep staggered cabinets are more individual

Break the conventional design

Make the space more dynamic and active

Light gray door panel with red handle-free

Let the warm color of spring time

Can also be quietly blooming in the interior



Atmospheric lines recreate the classic

Breaking up the heavy with simplicity

Classic black and white combination highlights the modern atmosphere

The coolness of the hand

The variety and imagination of life

Large capacity storage space

Meet the storage of living things

Eliminate the tedium of life

Intimate time with family

Lightly start a day of fullness



The bold application of cement and concrete elements

Create a personalized industrial style bathroom space

Open cabinet for easy access and storage of items

The originality of the design is not only the white space

Just like the pride of individuality

No need to follow conventional ideas

Spring is a time of splendor

Never only in the change of seasons

The beautiful start of the morning

Is with a smile

A good start to the day

Life’s rituals have their own set of rituals

Start your spring day

Make the morning comfortable and free!



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