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How to Determine Kitchen Faucet Manufacturer

Most people would like to encounter good value for money products, picking a faucet manufacturer is also to see which one is cheaper to choose, in fact, this is not right. The price of raw materials for quality products will never be cheap. Therefore, when picking a factory to request a quote, be sure to confirm the material and model with the manufacturer to prevent the manufacturer from using inferior materials to replace the good and blind you with low prices. In addition, there is also the need to look at the production base of the faucet, which is generally located in the industrial belt where the faucet is manufactured. Due to the technology and equipment are more advanced, the faucet products are generally better quality, like China’s Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, the industry will be able to identify whether the faucet is produced from here. In this article, VIGA teaches you the skills you can use when choosing a faucet manufacturer.

Identify the material
There are three main materials of faucets on the market, namely copper, stainless steel and zinc alloy. Copper faucet cavity was golden yellow, zinc alloy faucet cavity color dark yellow with white spots. Copper is the best material, the weight of copper products and copper content of not less than 59% to meet national standards. Take Difulong bathroom for example, the faucets are forged of fine copper, strong corrosion resistance, high safety, bright shining surface, even if long-term use can also ensure clean as new.

Observe the plating layer
In order to prevent oxidation, the faucet in the grinding and polishing molding, will be in its surface plated with a layer of nickel or chromium and other neutral hydrochloric acid resistance function of the material, in order to protect the faucet from corrosion. At present, the international standard of faucet plating thickness is 8 microns, the best up to 12 microns. Consumers should pay attention to the surface of the faucet when buying, there are no spots, pores and scorch marks, uniform color without burrs and grit is a good product.

Rotating handle
Faucet cartridges are usually stainless steel ball cartridges and ceramic cartridges. Ceramic cartridges are widely used because of their low water pollution, high wear resistance and good sealing performance. Faucets with ceramic cartridges are more comfortable to use, have a handle that swings to move the cartridge without hindrance, and can be opened or closed quickly. Difulong taps use precision ceramic cartridges, which have been tested to have a service life well above the 200,000 cycles required by the national standard.

Testing the water effect
Usually the better quality faucets will have a bubbler device. Its main function is to prevent the water flow from scattering, so that the water flow is relatively straight and does not splash. The intuitive feeling is to hit your hands with small bubbles. In addition, it also has some water-saving features. In this regard, Difulong’s faucets guarantee a smooth and soft experience, and save 30% of water, making them the best of the faucets.

Check the temperature resistance
In addition to the pressure resistance and durability of the faucet, there are corresponding national standards for temperature resistance. To provide cold and hot water faucet should be able to provide water pressure (static pressure is not greater than 1.0MPa), can withstand the temperature of 4-90 ℃. When shopping, you can ask the shopping guide to show the corresponding test certificate, good temperature resistance products can also guarantee the use of the faucet safety to a certain extent.

Recognition of well-known brands
If you really will not distinguish, consumers can identify the well-known brand, in order to get better after-sales protection. Informal products or sub-standard products are often only paste some paper labels, even without any markings. Brand goods have the manufacturer’s brand identification, the box should also have product certification and after-sales warranty service, when buying must pay attention to identify.

Conclusion: In recent years, the quality of Chinese bathroom brand products has been improving. viga always insists on the principle of “quality first” and produces according to national standards. Its two brands EVE bath & ZORA faucet products, whether safety, or the use of features and experience are constantly innovating and upgrading. What is said in this article is a summary of the experience of VIGA factory for more than 10 years, I hope that when you choose a factory, you can find a high-quality manufacturers like VIGA, to build a common brand effect, for the future of the sanitary industry to dedicate their own power!



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