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How To Install The Washroom Area More Practical? Start With These Four Aspects To Ensure That It Looks Good And Works Well!

Bathroom Business School

Bathroom design in addition to floor and wall tiles, from the choice of basin and bath cabinet planning to mirror with a significant matter! Properly designed, both beautiful and storage function. Poor planning may lead to mold, maintenance, and storage space is not enough. The following from the choice of the sink, bath cabinet style, mirror design to decorative lighting analysis, organized 4 major problems and countermeasures to provide a lazy package of sink decoration applicable to both large and small households!

Should I choose a countertop, under the embedded washbasin, or column basin style?

1, Look at the shape, suitable for hardworking people: countertop

Features: Styling design sense has 100 points. Add a bath cabinet underneath. This appears to be a large storage space, easy to change multiple compartments layer.

Note: If the width of the countertop is not enough, it is not suitable. And faucets must be installed according to personal habits to adjust the height, to avoid hand washing and other troubles. In addition, because it is easy to produce cleaning dead ends, water splashes easily, it is not easy to maintain, need to work hard to maintain neat and tidy.

2, Much clutter, suitable for lazy people: under the embedded type

Features: cut flush countertop design, so that the countertop looks much more spacious. This can be stored in the area that looks larger, and less cleaning dead ends. This is easy to maintain.

Note: the edge of the seam with the countertop is easy to hide dirt, and installation and construction is relatively complicated.

3, Lless stuff, suitable for small households: column basin / wall-hung basin

Features: occupy a small area, save a lot of space. It is very suitable for small square meters, half a set of bathroom designs. And it is simple to install, easy to clean.

Note: less bathroom storage space of the main bath cabinet, needs to be added through other wall-mounted storage shelves, such as the placement of bathroom supplies.

Bathroom storage focuses on the bathroom cabinet! Open or hidden, which one to choose?

1, Less stuff, suitable for like diversified design: open shelves

Features: shelf style changes in multiple, with flexible classification and easy access to storage baskets.

Note: If the space is heavy moisture, storage items are more difficult to maintain. The space with wet and dry separation is more suitable. 

2, More stuff, suitable for like concise clean sense: independent cabinet storage

Features: When the cabinet doors and drawers are closed, all items are clean and tidy, and the storage capacity is sufficient.

Note: need to pay attention to the choice of cabinet and door sheet, it is recommended to select waterproof material, to avoid moisture and mold. Most bath cabinets usually use waterproof fiberboard or foam board composition. Cabinet door material is foam board and Menai board as the bulk.

Mirror with indispensable. What types of mirrors are available for selection?

1, Framed or frameless

Basically, most people will make a choice based on the shape. If from the point of view of maintenance, no frame cleaning and maintenance is more convenient than with frame style. Because the frame material is not moisture-proof characteristics, easy to use a period of time to deteriorate. From the aesthetic point of view, there are more choices and changes in the frame, more modeling advantages.

2, Mirror maintenance

General mirrors have a basic anti-fog and anti-rust function. If the bathroom ventilation is not good or the location is particularly humid, it is recommended to buy anti-fog film or anti-fog agent to strengthen.

3, Mirror size

4, Round and square mirrors are the most popular. You can use the size of the sink surface as the basis. Mirror surface is not recommended to choose a larger one than the sink. This visual proportion is more unbalanced.

Wall lamps, chandeliers decorate the bathroom style,

What should be noted on the installation?

After the basic lighting of the bathroom space is determined, many people will also install chandeliers in the sink area, wall sconces for accent lighting, adding space style.

When installation, you need to determine the height and location of the first hole will be fixed wall and ceiling lamps.

Special attention must be paid to the style of lighting, light and shadow modeling, mirror location need to be taken into account to avoid affecting the line of sight of the inspection groom and the entire room lighting atmosphere.



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