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If You Can Enjoy These Points, The Shower Is Considered To Be Renovated Right!

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In the pursuit of quality of life at the present time, shower rooms are receiving more and more attention and popularity, and are slowly coming into the public eye. With this, various styles and materials of shower rooms have been derived and developed, which are generally sought after by the public.

I think families who have installed shower room partitions should deeply feel the benefits that shower rooms bring to home life. Especially for old people like us, the bathroom area at home is not very big, and the shower room partition is a good solution to this problem. Here we will share with you the benefits of installing a shower room, and how to maintain the shower room?


6 functions of shower room partitions


Separation of wet and dry

The installation of a shower room in the bathroom separates the shower area from other bathroom areas and can effectively avoid water splashing into other areas. The water vapor in the shower room is blocked inside, which helps to keep the bathroom air dry and slow down the breeding of bacteria caused by the humid environment. The real separation of wet and dry is more conducive to the health of home life.


Save space

In general, the area of the family bathroom is small, especially in the town area, the bathroom is not too big. If you install a bathtub in the bathroom, not only wastes a lot of space, and wastes a lot of water when bathing, but also contradicts the energy-saving, environmental, frugal lifestyle we advocate. Moreover, the bathrooms in many families cannot install bathtubs due to their small size. If a shower is installed, it saves space and saves a lot of water costs.


Heat preservation and warmth

In autumn and winter, the weather is colder. If you want to take a bath in the traditional bathroom at home, it will be too big for space and cannot be well insulated, which will easily make people catch a cold in the shower and affect their health. If you bathe in a shower, the water vapor will gather in a limited space and the heat will not be dissipated quickly. Bathing in it is both warm and convenient, and also plays a certain saving effect.


Easy to install

Bathing room is easy to install, and the whole process is not too much trouble. Just connect the water pipe and you can use it easily and quickly. This reduces the waste of manpower and financial resources.


Independent and safe

The wet and dry separation of the shower room works to keep the bathroom floor dry and ensure that the floor is non-slip. And with the installation of cross bars and handles in the shower room, it can greatly improve the safety of home life for families with elderly and children.


Beautiful decoration

The shower room is simple and stylish, and it is also a good decoration in the bathroom. For example, the curved fan-shaped shower room and diamond-shaped shower room, which have become very popular in recent years, look more like a piece of the intentionally cut cake. The visual effect is very good.


Shower room maintenance precautions


Cleaning agent

Please rinse with water for regular cleaning, and wash with glass water regularly to keep the glass bright and clean. If there is dirt, wipe it off with a soft cloth using a neutral cleaner. For stubborn stains, you can use a small amount of alcohol to remove, avoid using acidic and alkaline solvents.


Maintenance of hardware accessories

① Avoid the following forceful impact on the movable door, so as not to cause the movable door off.

② Pay attention to the regular filling of lubricant on the slide rail.

③ Regular adjustment to ensure the effective bearing of the pulley on the movable door and smooth sliding.


Tempered glass, aluminum, artificial stone basin maintenance

① Do not hit or impact the glass surface with hard objects, (especially the corners).

② Do not wipe the glass surface with strong acid and alkali corrosive solution, so as not to destroy the surface gloss.

③ Do not wipe the glass surface with wire balls to avoid scratches.

The above is all about the function and maintenance knowledge of the shower room. Come and build your own shower room!



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