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How to pick a shower that suits you?

As we all know, the shower is one of the most common tools in our bathroom, and it is also a necessary shower item in daily life. Therefore, it is very important to understand the market and brand of the shower before buying.

1)The type of shower

Showers can be divided into three types according to their uses, namely hand showers, top showers and side showers.

1)Hand shower rose

Hand-held showers are the most common and versatile showers. This shower is easy to use and the price is quite cost-effective.

2)Shower head

The top spray shower can realize a variety of water discharge methods such as rain and water mist, allowing users to feel like they are in nature and feel the most direct touch of the water flow.

3)Shower Side

The side spray shower has a large auxiliary property and mainly implements a massage function. Most are sold as part of concealed shower systems or shower sets.

The water outlet method of the shower

Natural water  #Water sprayed out in the most natural way without any treatment. Spraying from the silicone hole of the shower is the most common way of water.

Sparkling water  #There is an air groove in the water channel of the shower. The high-speed water flow drives the air flow to form a water column, turning the original sprayed water into dripping water. The bubble water is full and soft. After the water rushes over the body, the small bubbles remaining in the body continue to burst, bringing a burst of coolness. This air injection technology was first proposed by Hansgrohe, and many manufacturers now produce such showers.

Massage water  #Massage water is to concentrate the water flow to the massage water hole. The massage hole has a rotatable rotor. Under the impact of the water flow, the rotor is driven to rotate at a high speed inside the shower, and the pulsed water is generated by cutting off part of the water flow with frequency.

Spray water  #The spray water is because the spray holes on the panel are specially designed. After the water flow passes, it is sprayed out as a mist. The mist water area is very large. Being in the water mist, it allows showerers to have a different experience.

Waterfall water  #More common in the top spray shower, the principle is to change the water outlet into a strip, the water is sprayed from the original fine hole into a strip outflow

Mixed water   #Some showers can not only switch between multiple outlet methods, but also can discharge water in two or more ways at the same time. For example, natural water and bubble water are the most common mixed outlet methods.

3.The quality of the shower There is no need to make a water test when choosing a shower.

You can see it by hand and touch it. The inspection places are mainly silica gel particles, seams and electroplating.

Silicone particles  #The water outlet of the shower is generally made of silica gel. The high-quality water outlet is neat,
smooth and high in softness. This kind of silica gel particles can not only ensure the quality of the water, but also be clean and need not be taken care of.

Good joints should be tight and the gap should be small, so as to effectively prevent water leakage and ensure product quality.
A good electroplated surface is smooth, without fine marks, and does not feel bumpy to the touch.

High-quality showers will use ceramic spools, which make the cooling and heating adjustment of water temperature smoother and more precise,
which can make the water flow smoother, safer, and have a long service life.