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How To Pick Bathroom Pendant, Read It And Know!

How To Pick Bathroom Pendant, Read It And Know!

The proportion of space in the bathroom in the family is relatively small when considering the layout of the space

Most consumers choose bathroom hardware pendants to “help”!

How to choose a good pendant product?

Not only can it be used for a longer period of time.

And do not worry about rust, blistering, loosening and other problems appearing.

Can also let it decorate the entire bathroom environment?

how to pick bathroom pendant

Check The Material

Bathroom accessories supplies include plastic products, stainless steel products, space aluminum products and copper and chrome-plated products. Good quality hardware pendants generally use environmentally friendly copper or stainless steel chrome plating. If the plating process is well done, it does not rust after long-term use. And poor quality bathroom accessories will use more zinc alloy, 201 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or even stainless steel. When you use it after a few months, it will appear obvious rust stains spots, or bending fractures.

Compare Process

Products produced through strict process standards are usually required to go through complex machining, polishing, welding, electroplating, inspection and other processes to ensure that the product not only has a beautiful appearance and good performance, but also has an excellent feel, uniform and smooth without defects.

Check The Plating Layer

Stainless steel raw materials with a high-quality plating layer, not only can make the product surface glossy and full, but also can avoid oxidation and rust in the humid environment. When you buy, you can carefully watch the surface of the pendant. If the surface is not blistered and the plating is uniform and bright, you can choose it. Of course, the mirror finish of the surface of the stainless steel pendant enhances the experience of using the bathroom. Now it is widely loved by high-end consumers.


Choose a bathroom pendant set that matches the three-dimensional pattern of your own configuration of the bathroom three pieces (toilet, showerhead, washbasin), and also matches the shape of the faucet and its surface plating treatment.

Test Weight

For poor quality products, they feel more frivolous and light in weight. In addition, for products of the same size and material, the heavier weight tends to be more dense material, thicker tubing, and more sturdy and durable.

The bathroom pendant in the decoration is only a small supporting role, but the role is not small. If you choose the right bathroom accessories, they can bring up the overall grade for the bathroom, as well as play the role of the finishing touch. Conversely, if you mistakenly choose poor-quality products, they not only destroy the overall aesthetics of the bathroom space, but also due to the quality of the product itself and cause structural loosening, plating off rust and corrosion. So when you buy, you must check carefully!



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