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Bathroom Feng Shui | Top 10 Bathroom Taboos

Bathroom Feng Shui | Top 10 Bathroom Taboos

Bathroom Should Not Be Located In The Center Of The House

The center of the house should be spacious and airy. It should not be used as a bathroom, kitchen and other spaces to accumulate dirt. When the bathroom is in the center of the house, the moisture and filth in the bathroom will spread to other rooms in the house. This can easily lead to illness in the family and is extremely bad for health. If the bathroom has been located in the center of the house, it is best to redecorate and adjust.

Bathroom Door Do Not Face The Door

The door of the bathroom should not face any of the doors of the house, especially not with the entrance door of the house directly opposite. The entrance door is the mouth of the gas, but also the place where anger is inhaled. Qi should flow gently in the residence. In Feng Shui, doors should not be directly opposite each other, so the doorways should be staggered.

From the environmental and psychological aspects, it is not elegant to see the door of the bathroom as soon as people enter the house, and there are sounds and odors coming out. This is not only unsightly, but also impolite. And this has an impact on the health of the family, which is not conducive to the mental outlook of the family.

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Bathroom Door Should Not Be Opposite To The Stove

The door of the bathroom should not be opposite the stove. The bathroom in the five elements of water is the place to drain the filth, while the kitchen stove in the five elements of fire, is the place to cook things. They are completely different in nature. Water and fire are incompatible and not conducive to family luck. The direction of the toilet is not consistent with the direction of the residence

According to the requirements of traditional Chinese feng shui customs and habits, the direction of the toilet should not be consistent with the direction of the residence. For example, if the direction of the front door of the house faces south, then when a person sits on the toilet, if he faces south, he commits the taboo of the toilet facing the same direction as the house. This may lead to health problems for family members. The solution is to adjust the direction of the toilet to deviate from the direction of the residence or the opposite.

Bathroom Facilities Avoid Irregular Shape

The choice of bathroom facilities is very careful. The shape of the bathtub should be rectangular or round for good luck. Regular pentagonal, hexagonal can also be used, but do not use triangular or irregular shapes, which is not good for the user. The bathtub also should not be too large, to be practical. This is a matter of careful consideration before buying.

Bathroom Avoid Without Windows

Water is the main element of the bathroom. The room with more water is more humid, which can lead to heavy gas can stay, thus making it stagnant. If there are no windows, the consequences can be imagined. Assuming that there is enough space, the bathroom must do rather large than small, to avoid harmful airflow cohesion indoors and stagnant.

Some residential bathrooms are fully enclosed, with no windows, only exhaust fans. If the exhaust fan does not often open, in the long run, is not conducive to health. In the bathroom space with a window, you can put green plants or hanging pictures. In feng shui, this can ease the atmosphere and gather anger.

Bathroom Lighting Should Not Be Too Much

For the lighting of the bathroom, it is generally desirable to choose incandescent lamps for the overall lighting, with a soft brightness. But the makeup mirror must be set next to the independent lighting as a supplement to local lighting. Local lighting in front of the mirror can choose fluorescent lamps to increase the warm, spacious and fresh feeling.

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In the choice of bathroom lamps and lanterns, you should have reliable water resistance and safety of glass or plastic sealed lamps and lanterns. In the shape of the lighting, they should not be embellished with elaborate lamp types. Lighting should not be too low to avoid accidents.

Bathroom Lamps And Lanterns Are Not Exposed To The Joint

The bathroom is more humid, so be extra careful when installing lights and wires. Lamps and switches are best used with safety protection features. Joints and sockets should not be exposed. If the switch is a seesaw type, it is appropriate to set it outside the bathroom door, otherwise, it should be a moisture-proof and waterproof type panel to prevent accidents caused by moisture leakage.

Bathroom Should Not Be Cluttered

Clutter is a bathroom feng shui taboo, which will make the air stagnant and difficult to move. Only place the minimum necessities. It is not appropriate to put too much clutter in the bathroom space. Cleaning tools should not be exposed, and there should be special storage.

The ideal bathrooms are those with simple furnishings, simple design, and good ventilation. The flow of air and energy will be affected by the use of materials. Different materials of floor tiles and flooring will produce different effects. For example, marble, granite, and other hard floor, smooth surfaces will accelerate the flow of Qi energy, especially in the case of crystal bright, light can be more effective. They help create an uplifting and positive atmosphere.

Bathroom Should Not Use Harsh Colors

Colorful bathrooms highlight the personality and style. But the bathroom is five elements of water, so the best choice of color is gold white, metallic and water black, blue, gray. These are both elegant and can produce a sense of tranquility.

Avoid using such harsh colors as red, dark purple, etc. for the bathroom. These colors cause the toilet to produce depression and irritability in the mind.


Ten Advisable.

Bathroom Should Be Located In The East

You can set the bathroom in the East. East in the five elements of wood. The bathroom is in the five elements of water. Water and wood are in harmony with each other and with all five elements. This is the ideal direction to bring health and wealth to the family.

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Bathroom Door Should Be Far From The Bedroom Door

The function of the bathroom space is responsible for excretion and cleaning bath, which will gather filth and moisture. The door of the bathroom naturally becomes the emanation of moisture and foul gas mouth. If the bathroom door is opposite the bedroom door, there will be an impact on the magnetic field of the bedroom. In this case, the bedroom and bathroom door can be installed on the door curtain, blocking the direct flow of gas between the two magnetic fields.

In order to be comfortable, modern people often choose multiple sanitary facilities when purchasing a home. Most of these sanitary facilities are connected to the master bedroom. Therefore, special attention needs to be paid when decorating. Besides, the bathroom door should not face the bedroom and have a good sealing performance, it must also maintain a large distance from the bed.

It is appropriate to pay attention to the relationship between the upper and lower floors in the bathroom

When decorating villas or duplexes, people tend to consider only the floor plan between the rooms with each other, but ignore the relationship between the upper and lower floors. In fact, this is also very important, such as the bathroom pressure on top of the bedroom is extremely bad house phase. The turbid air from the bathroom descends into the bedroom, which is not good for health. And this pattern will feel uncomfortable to live.

Bathroom Should Be Kept Dry And Clean

Because of its special function and location, dark and humid is often the common problem of the bathroom, but also the best environment for the breeding of bacteria. So in the usual use of the bathroom, you should often open the exhaust fan to keep ventilation. The bathroom has heavy moisture and filth. Be sure to clean the bathroom often to keep it clean and sanitary. Otherwise, it is easy to breed bacteria and emit odor, which is not conducive to the health of the family.

Plants in the bathroom should be resistant to shade and moisture

If you want to place potted plants in the bathroom, then you must be careful when choosing green plants. Because the bathroom is not conducive to the growth of most plants, you can only choose plants that are resistant to shade and humidity, such as lamb’s tooth plants, plantain, ferns, pendant plants, golden kudzu, etc. Of course, if the bathroom is both spacious and bright, and with air conditioning, then you can add some leafy bromeliads, bamboo taro, celandine and other more colorful plants. But it is important to remember is not to put thorns or plants with sharp corners.

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Bathroom Should Be Separated From The Wet And Dry

You want to separate the shower area of the bathroom from the other areas. This way when you shower, the water will not splash around. If the wet and dry separation is implemented, there will be no water in the space outside the shower. This can be effective in keeping the room dry. After use, the door of the bathroom should be closed, especially the bathroom of the suite.

Bathroom Should Be Air Circulation With Exhaust Fans

The bathroom should not only have a window, but also the best to have sufficient sunlight, air circulation. The reasoning is simple. This will make the bathroom more easily exhausted turbid air, to keep the air fresh. But many modern buildings have no windows in the bathroom, then there must be exhaust fans. This can be extracted from the bathroom foul gas. This on the one hand can reduce the scourge of gas brakes, on the other hand, can also keep the air in the bathroom fresh and dry. If completely closed, and the lack of ventilation equipment, the health of the family is harmful. The use of some air fresheners just changes the taste of the air, but the quality of the air is not improved.

Bathroom Drainage Should Be Smooth

In the design of the bathroom, consider the smoothness of the drainage, so as to clean and remove the ground sewage. Try not to let the bathroom drainage pipes flow through other rooms of the residence, so as not to make a loud noise when draining. Sewage pipes that run through other rooms can give an uncomfortable feeling as well. This subconsciously makes people feel dirty and uncomfortable.

It is desirable to use waterproof materials in the bathroom

The layout of the bathroom space environment is basically convenient, safe, easy to clean and beautiful and decent. Due to a large amount of water and fog when bathing, the selection of materials for the decoration should be waterproof, moisture-proof as the focus. The floor surface must be chosen waterproof and easy to clean material.

In addition, the walls and ceiling of the bathroom occupy a large area, so you should choose materials that are both waterproof and resistant to corrosion and mildew to ensure indoor hygiene. Tile, sauna board and plastic wallpaper with waterproof function should be able to meet these requirements.

Bathroom Tones Should Be Unified As A Whole

The use of color in the bathroom is a discipline. In general, the feng shui environment of the bathroom space requires the quality of sanitary ware. The color selection of sanitary ware must be consistent with the overall space tone so that the overall design of the bathroom can be taken into account.

Generally speaking, white sanitary ware looks clear and comfortable. Ivory yellow sanitary ware looks rich and elegant. Lake green sanitary ware looks natural and warm. Rose-colored sanitary ware is to highlight the romantic and subtle. In any case, only the main color of the bathroom sanitary ware and the color of the walls and floor tiles echo each other, so that the whole bathroom looks coordinated and comfortable.



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