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Use This Method To Choose Shower, You Will Find That The Shower Is False Before!

Use This Method To Choose Shower, You Will Find That The Shower Is False Before!

Taking a shower is a thing that makes people feel happy. For example, after working all day and dragging a tired body, going home and taking a shower, you will feel a full-blooded resurrection of the whole person. So the quality of the shower is the key to determining whether you can be refreshed.

Poor Shower Experience

It feels like someone is abusing you with a high-pressure water gun.

The Experience Of A Good Shower

You don’t want to get out of the shower.

So what kind of shower is considered good? How to choose shower?


Shower Type

The first thing to do is to help you understand the various parts of a full set of showers. The full set of showers includes a handheld shower, top spray shower, shower faucet, lift rod and hose.

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Handheld Shower丨

In the past, the market is more handheld showers. This kind of shower first appeared, and most families have used such a shower.

Advantages: this kind of shower is relatively simple to install. It can be installed successfully by yourself. We can hold it by hand when we use it, and we can change the direction of its water flow. The purchase price is relatively cheap.

Disadvantages: When taking a bath, it is not convenient enough to use because it needs to be hand-held and cannot free your hands. Combined with the fixed base, the use of the feeling will be improved.

But because the direction of the water from the nozzle is in the direction of the slant down, the experience is poor.

Top Spray Shower丨

The top spray shower is a vertical sprinkler from the top of the head down. It is divided into Wall-Mounted Top Spray Shower And Wall-Mounted Top Spray Shower.

The wall-mounted top spray shower, as the name implies, is hung on the wall. The entire body of the shower is exposed, also known as the open shower. Shapes are round, square, and oval. But for the size of the showerhead, be sure not to choose too small. Otherwise, the whole body can not be showered, so the experience will be greatly reduced. It is best to choose the same size as the shoulder width of the shower.

In-wall top spray shower buries the body of the shower directly into the wall. The naked eye can only see the exposed nozzle and switch, also known as concealed installation.

Advantages: stable nozzle, free your hands. Vertical water, water flow range can be controlled. Experience is very good.

Disadvantages: more expensive, and the need to set aside the location of the pipeline at the time of decoration. If you choose a poor quality product, the subsequent installation and maintenance is more trouble.

丨Shower Lift Rod丨

Nowadays, the shower lift rod is now the standard for all brands of shower sets, and you can adjust the height of the handheld shower at will according to your height.


Shower Material

“The Material Of The Shower Head

Use This Method To Choose Shower, You Will Find That The Shower Is False Before! - Blog - 2

The material of the showerhead is copper and 304 stainless steel. The general material of the water outlet hole is silicone. Theoretically, the better shower material is brass and stainless steel.


The surface of this copper shower is processed to enhance corrosion resistance and is not easy to accumulate scale. It is strong and durable, can also resist bacterial breeding, but the price is relatively high.

Terminology notes:

  • Faucet body full copper = only the main part of the faucet using copper
  • Faucet overall full copper = faucet + handle are copper
  • Overall full copper = faucet, bracket, top spray, side spray all with copper!

2、304 Stainless Steel

In the bathroom and another more humid environment, the appearance of the surface of the stainless steel shower head without electroplating treatment will affect the material itself. But even if some showerheads are plated, the difference in process disposal is very different. In the case of sufficient light, the surface of the stainless steel shower head should be bright as a mirror, without any oxidation spots and burn marks.

3、Water Hole Material

The water outlet hole is recommended to choose silicone material. With a light brush, you can remove the accumulated limescale and other impurities.

A good shower silicone distribution is uniform, and silicone is very soft. Most of the hard-feeling silicone is not good.


Outlet Mode

At present, the more popular water in the market are natural water, bubble water, massage water, spray water and waterfall water these are five kinds.

Use This Method To Choose Shower, You Will Find That The Shower Is False Before! - Blog - 3

  • Natural water: the water from the natural spray does not have any treatment. Water is sprayed from the silicone holes of the shower. The water carries a certain pressure itself and can rinse the whole body. This is the most common way.
  • Air bubble water: The waterway inside the shower is equipped with air recesses. The high-speed flow of water drives the airflow mixture to form a column of water. It can turn the original spray water into dripping water. Bubble water is full and softly rounded. When the sparkling water is washed over the body, the small bubbles remaining in the body keep bursting, bringing a burst of refreshment. Because the bubbling water is filled with air, it can achieve the purpose of saving water.
  • Massage water: the water flow is concentrated into the massage water hole. Massage holes have rotors that can be turned. The rotor is driven by the impact of the water flow and rotates at high speed inside the shower. By having the frequency of cutting off part of the water flow generated by the water, the water splash on the body plays a massage role, so-called massage water.
  • Spray water: Because the spray hole on the panel is specially designed. After the water flows through, it becomes a mist spray out. The mist water has a large area. When you are in the water mist, it can make showerers have another different experience.
  • Waterfall water: Waterfall water, as the name suggests, flows like a waterfall. Its main principle is to change the water outlet hole into a strip. The water is sprayed out from the original thin holes into a strip-like outflow. When you stand under the shower as if a natural waterfall.


Black Technology Competition

Thermostatic showerheads have become particularly popular in recent years. What exactly is the difference between it and the ordinary shower?  Which is better?

Thermostatic PK Ordinary

Thermostatic Shower Advantages

Thermostatic effect is better: when the water temperature changes, the thermostatic faucet will generally immediately automatically adjust the mixing ratio of hot and cold water, so that the water temperature remains stable at the preset temperature. When you use the thermostatic shower bath, the shower does not have the phenomenon of hot and cold.

Thermostatic shower is safer than the price: the thermostatic shower is generally equipped with a safety protection button to avoid unsafe factors.

For example, when the water is stopped, the thermostatic faucet will automatically close in a very short time, so as not to cause scalding or another discomfort due to high temperature.

Anti-scaling: For areas where water quality is poor, the faucet will be affected. Generally, they are more likely to produce dirt. For thermostatic faucets, this is generally not the case. The faucet’s spool surface does not produce limescale. Even long-term use does not affect the performance of the shower.

The Advantages Of Ordinary Shower

Normal shower is more comfortable to take a bath: it can mix the air, and the water comes out more rapidly. Its water is finer and softer. The water flow can be pressurized, thus playing a good massage effect. This is good for getting rid of the fatigue of the day.

Compared with other forms of the shower, the ordinary shower will be more energy and water-saving.

Recommendation: the thermostatic shower is to be slightly more expensive than the ordinary shower, but the bathing experience is very good. The stable temperature feels more comfortable. But some water heaters come with a thermostat function. If you install a thermostatic shower again, then it is more redundant. Also sometimes, solar water heaters can damage the temperature-sensitive elements if the temperature is too high, so it is not recommended to install them.

The ordinary shower is a little more water pressure, relatively more cost-effective.

When buying, you can choose according to your personal budget and life needs.

Use This Method To Choose Shower, You Will Find That The Shower Is False Before! - Blog - 4


Air Injection PK Ordinary

Air injection comes from a very simple physical effect. In short, it is the injection of air into the water, so that the water from a jet into a drip. This reduces the flow rate in the same amount of time, saving 30% of water. At the same time, it makes the water more gentle and full, bringing the most comfortable shower experience.  But a lot more expensive than an ordinary shower, after all, it is black technology!

Suggestion: If you want to try the black technology and have enough budget, you can consider using the air injection shower. If the budget is limited, I suggest buying a normal shower! This will vary from person to person.


How To Choose A Showerhead

Showering is an everyday thing. On the market, showerheads also range in price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. When you buy, be sure to keep your eyes peeled!  Do not be greedy to buy something without a warranty, and do not blindly follow the big brands to pay for the brand premium.

“Basic version”

Imported valve core

Faucet body full copper

Three layers of the plating process

24-hour salt spray test (9 standards)

Silicone spout

Rotate to adjust the water outlet mode

“Advanced version”

Full copper faucet

3-5 layers plating process

Salt spray test more than 9 levels

Push button to adjust the water outlet mode

Hose anti-tangle

The shower holder can be lifted

Capricious Edition”

Full copper

Extra-large top spray + multi-position side spray + height adjustable handheld

A variety of water outlet mode

Constant temperature

Air injection


How To Maintain The Shower

No matter how expensive to buy the shower, you should also pay attention to the daily maintenance. Regular maintenance and cleaning shower, in order to extend the life of the shower as much as possible.

Tips 1: Maintenance Of The Shower

The first step in maintaining the shower: must be before buying, first figure out whether the shower and their own water heaters are suitable. For example, solar water heaters may reduce the service life of the thermostatic shower. Common brands are generally available on the official website description.

Secondly, some of the functional accessories inside the shower are a service life. For example, the filter cartridge of the shower generally needs to be replaced once every few months.

The beauty of the shower also needs to be replaced by the beauty fluid. For such consumable accessories, you can make a simple record to remind yourself when it is time to replace them.

Tips 2: Shower Cleaning

You may find that some small spouts on the showerhead do not produce water, or the water column formed is not straight but has a strange runout. This means that the limescale is blocking the spout. You need to clean it up!

Cleaning Method

Soak the showerhead in a diluted white vinegar / citric acid for 4-6 hours. You should clean it at least once every six months because the limescale that has been deposited for too long does not dissolve well!



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