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How to select bathroom accessories?

How to buy bathroom hardware accessories? I will introduce you some tips about how to make your best choices in purchasing bathroom accessories?

1. Ask the quality of the material

“The case of the material is an important indicator to determine the life of hardware products. Good hardware generally uses environmentally friendly copper chrome plating, as long as the plating process is in place, long-term use will not rust; and poor quality more use of zinc alloy, 201 stainless steel, aluminum alloy or even stainless steel, with a few months will appear obvious rust stains spots, or bending fracture. Some good brand hardware, may also use stainless steel, but will use high standard 304 stainless steel, that quality is still guaranteed, and 201 stainless steel although the name is “stainless”, but in the humid environment rust is a very common phenomenon. Choose a good material to make the hardware products in daily life durable.

2. Take a closer look at the surface treatment

“Hardware products are good or bad, from the surface can be seen. Poor quality products dull luster, white plating, surface defects, or scratches or black spots. While high-quality hardware products, smooth plating, the surface is difficult to find obvious flaws, and bright and uniform luster. In the chrome-plated products, ordinary products plating 20 microns thick, over time, the material inside is susceptible to air oxidation, while the workmanship of the copper chrome plating 28 microns thick, its structure is tight, uniform plating, the use of good results. Plating good hardware after years of use is still bright as new, simply look at the business has been used for a long time, so when buying and selling do not figure a moment of cheap.

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3.Look at the logo and packaging

“From the trademark of hardware products can see the grade of hardware products. Low-grade products brand logo is mostly silk-screened on the product, or no trademark on the product at all. The outer packaging trademark is blurred, the handwriting is unclear, the box is relatively loose, and even the manufacturer is not. High-quality products brand logo is generally marked with laser, clear and neat. The outer packaging design is beautiful and sturdy, the inner box are installation instructions, inspection mark, warranty card, etc., the manufacturer is relatively clear, the trademark is eye-catching.


“The so-called weighing weight is actually the feel. Poor quality products, feel more frivolous, light weight. Some businesses may claim that copper, but the actual use of much lighter zinc alloy material, a weight than the weight can be distinguished. In addition, the same size and material of the product, the heavier weight is often denser material, thicker pipe, more robust and durable, not easy to deform.



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