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How to select the best shower?

Shower is generally divided into three kinds – handheld shower, head shower and side spray shower.

Top spray shower and side spray shower is embedded into the wall bracket, shower fixed installation in the head or both sides, cannot handheld lift, but can adjust the water pressure and water way, in some hotels they are more common. Top spray shower and side spray shower both need to be designed during the decoration, the subsequent adjustment will be more trouble.

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How to select showers

  1. Material

Choose copper and 304, 316 stainless steel material shower can be.

  1. Weight

Since it is a shower head, it is inevitably inseparable from the handheld use, the lighter the weight, the more energy-saving and easy to control

  1. easy to clean degree

 Recommend the choice of external silicone water hole products, the family’s scale clogged with a hand rub on the pass, very convenient.

  1. Process

 Common processes are chrome plated and brushed nickel. The national standard requires showerhead products after 24 hours of salt spray test can reach 9 levels of plating. The surface treatment of stainless steel shower is mostly brushed process. The smooth surface of stainless steel is turned into a diffuse reflective surface, thus not staining fingerprints, and also has a very high corrosion resistance

The most basic is that the water pressure is sufficient, the number of spouts is sufficient and even, the sense of smooth water flow.

Many people think that the water pressure when bathing is only related to the pressure of the water supply system, but in fact, the water pressure is also affected by the number and caliber of the spout of the shower. The same water pressure of the water supply, the more exquisite and subtle the showers spout as a whole, the stronger the pressure of the water column ejected from each caliber.

Similarly, when the shower has been used for a long time, because of scale reasons blocked some of the spout, will also have an impact on the jet out of the water pressure. For example, some of the spout water column and thick and soft couch, some spout water column thin and long but stinging, when the bath is not so comfortable.

How to select the best shower? - Blog - 2

Although everyone’s preference for water pressure varies, in general, I recommend choosing a shower with a large number of outlet holes and a fine caliber. The number of holes represents more water column, covering a wider area, whether in winter or summer, the water temperature can cover the body; and the caliber is fine, so that each hole to maintain a certain pressure, to produce a comfortable sense of water flow.

Smooth water flow is affected by the internal structure of the shower, some of the internal structure of the shower fault, the water flow is not evenly through the shower will become “pulse” type of water, so that people are very uncomfortable. In order to improve the smoothness of the water flow, some showerheads will also add a magnetic program in the structure to play a role in the delicate water quality.



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