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How to select the suitable pop-up?

There are a variety of types of water and sewer on the market, many friends in the purchase, it is not clear which one they choose instead. No matter what kind of water dispenser you choose, first of all, you need to know whether your basin has an overflow hole. If there is an overflow hole, you need to choose a water dispenser with an overflow hole.

Sewer is mainly divided into pop-up and flip type. In fact, if the two types of sewer brand, the same material, drainage speed is basically not too different. When you buy, you can buy according to their own habits.

Bounce type: is by pressing the way to drain and close the water.

The advantage of the bouncing type drain is that it can be drained by gently pressing. The bouncing type drainer can isolate the dirt through the screen at the water inlet and will not discharge into the drain. However, it is also easy for dirt to accumulate in the water inlet, which is prone to clogging if not cleaned in time. In addition, after long-term use, the press position is prone to aging, drainage is not as convenient.

Flip type: drainage and water closure by flipping.

The flip-down type can be rotated in any direction at will, causing the water in the basin to leak out. Over a long period of time, the flip-down type water closer will be reduced, and it is easy to close the water when the water still leaks.

When choosing a sink, you can also look at the various accessories of the sink. Generally the fewer accessories there are, the simpler the installation is. When buying, you can also do a drainage experiment to see the drainage speed of the sewer, as well as the degree of sealing and sewer connection.



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