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How to solve the problem of bathroom smell?

There is a lot of water used in the bathroom, and the daily drainage is large, so one or several drainage floor drains are often installed. The floor drain is connected to the indoor and sewer pipes. If the floor drain and deodorization effect is poor, the odor in the sewer pipe can easily escape into the room to see the solution of the odor at the floor drain.
1. Install a floor drain with poor deodorization effect
Solution: the bathroom should choose deep water seal deodorant floor drain
Water seals, floor drains and deodorization are relatively safe, and self-sealed drains and drains are relatively smooth. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to avoid weaknesses, it is recommended to use different floor drains in different spaces. Because the bathroom often needs drainage, it is recommended to choose deep water seal floor drain, the deodorant effect is more insurance, and it is not easy to malfunction.
2. Floor drain installation is not in place
Solution: If it is because of the gap, you can use glass glue or other adhesive to seal the gap around the floor drain to ensure that the odor of the sewer can not be emitted through the gap.
3. Floor drain and deodorization function failure
Solution 1: If it is a water seal floor drain, in use, care should be taken to prevent the water seal from drying out and water should be injected regularly. If the home does not live for a long time, it is best to seal the floor drain with a lid to reduce the evaporation of water and also play a role in sealing.
Solution 2: If it is a self-sealing floor drain, it must be known that the self-sealing leakage of the seal is often achieved by mechanical means such as springs and magnets. However, as the spring grows with the use time, the elasticity is weakened; the magnet is weakened by the adsorption of iron in the water.
Focus on the object of the toilet odor solution
1. The toilet displacement is too slow
Solution: The most fundamental solution is to move the toilet position back to the original drain, but this is generally a large amount of work. The more convenient way is to replace the toilet with better deodorant effect.
2. The connection of the lower water pipe is not tightly sealed.
Solution: When installing the toilet, the gap between the pipe and the pipe must be glued with glass glue. Glass glue can usually be used for 2-3 years. For the sake of caution, the original glass glue can be scraped off with a knife every year and then re-coated.
3. The toilet water seal is not up to standard
Solution: When purchasing a toilet, be sure to pay attention to the height of the water seal. Although the water seal height is higher, the deodorization effect is better, but as the water level rises, the water splash problem is more likely to occur. Therefore, to buy a toilet, it is best to choose a product with a water seal height of 55-60mm.
4. The toilet glaze quality is poor
Solution: The cure method is to change the toilet with better quality. If it can’t be replaced temporarily, then it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning. The daily cleaning frequency needs to be increased to ensure that the stains are discharged in time and no odor is generated.
Other sources of odors
1. The connection between the down pipe and the sewer is not tightly sealed.
Solution: You can use a glass glue or other adhesive to seal the gap at the interface so that the gas cannot be emitted. Or use a water pipe with a trap to bring a deodorant effect.
2. Exhaust odor irrigating
Solution: You can find someone to overhaul the exhaust pipe, and you can replace the ventilation fan with a check valve to prevent odor reflow.
3. The pipeline is blocked to cause odor
Solution: It is easier to remove the dirt from the drain, but it is not so easy to remove the dirt attached to the pipe wall. Now the pipeline cleaners sold by major building materials supermarkets have a certain dissolution and corrosion effect on the dirt, which can play a very good cleaning effect.
Bathroom anti-odor other ways
1. Frequent ventilation
Many people often use air fresheners or other more intense tastes to cover up the odor when they encounter the problem of bathroom odor, instead of eradicating odor. To solve the odor of the bathroom, the most effective way is to ventilate. If the bathroom has windows, you can open the window and ventilate every day. If the bathroom is small and there is no window, you need to use the exhaust fan.
2. Place a specific green plant
If the bathroom area is large, some green plants can be placed to remove the smell of the bathroom. However, it should be noted that the green plants placed in the bathroom are also very particular, and it is best to have broad-leaved leafy plants such as green radish, which can grow well in the humid environment without sunlight. They can absorb dirt, moisture, and regulate the air, which can greatly help the bathroom to eliminate odor.



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