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In 2021, China’s Sanitary Ware Category Exceeded 1,800 Patent Applications

In 2021, China’s Sanitary Ware Category Exceeded 1,800 Patent Applications

The Following Article Is From China Building And Sanitary Ceramics Association

A patent for invention is a technical solution to a specific problem proposed by the inventor by applying the laws of nature. It is the most valuable type of patent among the three types of patents in China. The number of invention patent applications and the areas involved can intuitively reflect the industry’s current technology progress in the direction of the category, but also reflects the industry’s focus on the product development work of the category of key areas. In this paper, we will summarize the invention patents applied for by enterprises upstream and downstream of the sanitary ware industry chain and related researchers from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 for the reference of industry personnel.

The patent search in this article is based on the official patent search and analysis website of the State Intellectual Property Office of China (http://pss-system.cnipa.gov.cn/), and the relevant patents with application dates from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 are searched. In 2021, more than 1,800 patents were filed for sanitary ware products (excluding total bathroom). The number of applications for each category is shown in the table below. Among them, traditional toilets, spouts and intelligent toilets are the three categories with the largest number of patent applications, and the total number of applications for the three categories exceeds 1,000.

Product CategoryNumber of invention patent applications/pieceOccupancy rate/%
Traditional Toilet41522.70%
Smart Toilet25614.00%
Squatting Toilet261.42%
Bathroom cabinet301.64%
Shower room693.77%
Floor Drain1085.91%
Angle valve170.93%
Bathroom Mirror130.71%
Other sanitary ware products1749.52%


Traditional Toilet Seat

Search keywords: “toilet”, “bidet”, “toilet” (excluding intelligent bidet-related patents)

After screening, the total number of patents related to traditional toilet products is 415. Among them, the overall structure design of the product has 110 items. There are 68 patents for self-cleaning, self-disinfection, anti-odor, anti-clogging, environmental protection, adjustable height and other product functions. There are 115 product components and processes. For special application scenarios, they include adaptation to the elderly, children, patients and trains, airplanes, automobiles and other means of transportation, a total of 38 items. There are 40 items for flushing methods and devices. There are 17 items for toilet lids and connecting devices. Others, including mechanical equipment, testing, installation, cleaning and other supporting services, totaled 27 items.

Although smart toilets as the hottest toilet products nowadays, the researcher still keeps the attention on the traditional toilet products. The product structure design for traditional toilet products and the expansion of product use functions are the focus of toilet patents in 2021. Various structural designs to enhance consumer comfort and methods to further improve the basic functions of toilets such as odor prevention, anti-clogging, cleaning, and environmental protection have become the main focus of attention.

Meanwhile, toilet designs applied in special scenarios, such as for the elderly, children, and patients, as well as in various types of transportation, have also attracted the attention of researchers other than medical institutions. The improvement of flushing ability is also the key development direction of toilet products.


Smart Toilet

Search keywords: “smart toilet,” “smart toilet,” “smart toilet seat”

After screening, the total number of patents related to intelligent toilet products is 256. Among them, there are 95 items of heating, flushing system, control valve and other components and systems. Health detection, excrement monitoring function has a total of 44 items, environmental protection and water conservation, antibacterial, deodorization, disinfection and other product functions have a total of 22 items. Product structure design has 56 items. There are 19 items of performance enhancement and preparation process of toilet cover. Other: mechanical equipment, testing, installation, cleaning and other supporting services have a total of 20 items.

Different from the development of traditional toilet, intelligent toilet products pay more attention to the development of components and systems for heating, flushing, control valves, etc.. Improve the performance of intelligent toilet products is the focus of development at the moment, while health monitoring is the keyword for the development of intelligent toilet products. Compared to traditional toilets, smart toilets in the overall structural design of the upgrade more focused on the combination of specific functions, on the other hand, smart toilets because of its inherent advantages, are more convenient to combine with the concept of smart home. At present, there has been an app to control the smart toilet for health data feedback applications, etc.



Search keywords: “urinal” “bucket”

After screening, the total number of patents related to urinal products is 32, among which 11 are for product structure, 13 are for urine inspection, deodorization and other product functions, 4 are for product components and processes, and 4 are for supporting services such as testing, installation and cleaning.

From the number of patents, it is obvious that the technology of urinal products is relatively developed and mature. The relevant patents are mainly related to the functional design of urine detection and deodorization as well as the structural design for special people.


Squatting Toilet

Search keywords: “squatting toilet”

After screening, there were 26 patents related to squatting toilet products. Among them, there are 15 items of product structure. Self-cleaning, anti-odor, anti-splash and other product functions have 4 items. There are 5 product components and processes. And testing, installation, cleaning and other supporting services have two items.

Similar to the urinal products, the squatting toilet technology development is also more mature. Squatting toilet current main application scenario focused on public toilets, rural toilets. Accordingly, the most frequent words in the current squatting toilet patents are also public toilets, rural toilets. This indicates that researchers are mainly concerned with improving the structural design and the self-cleaning and anti-odor functions of squatting toilet products in these two types of scenarios.



Search keywords: “sink” “washing sink”

After screening, there were 67 patents related to sink products. Among them, a total of 33 are related to product functions, and a total of 16 are related to product accessories and supporting devices. The product structure has a total of 9 items. There are 8 items of product process, equipment and components. There is a total of 1 patent for testing, transportation and packaging.

Among the patents related to product functions, the key words with the highest frequency are multi-function and integration. The main focus on this aspect is on kitchen and bathroom product manufacturers, while the patents related to the applicant as an individual mostly focus on the improvement of a single function, such as antibacterial, self-cleaning, etc. In addition, the variable capacity and liftable function related to the appearance of the sink are also concerned by the relevant enterprises and individuals. In addition to kitchen and bathroom enterprises, companies whose main business is waterproofing and other materials are also “cross-border” involved in related research.

Sink accessories and supporting devices have also received more attention. This is mainly concentrated in the water-related filtration parts and their connecting devices.

Processes, equipment and components of sinks are mainly related to the cutting, stretching and folding processes of sinks.


Wash Basin

Search keywords: “washbasin” “basin” “washbasin”

After screening, there are a total of 11 patents related to washbasin products. Among them, there are 5 product structures. There are 4 product functions. There are 2 product processes, equipment and components.

The technical development of hand wash basin technology and products has basically matured. New patent applications are mainly directed at focusing on the drainage structure of the product related to ageing and sterilization.



Search keywords: “spout” “faucet” “faucet”

After screening, the total number of patents related to spout products is 365. Among them, there are 111 patents related to the overall structure design of spouts, 74 patents related to spout components such as spool and pull-out components, and a total of 31 patents related to intelligent spouts and control components. There are 103 patents for water saving, energy saving, antibacterial, temperature control, water purification, anti-splash and other functionalities, and 21 patents for induction devices for spouts. Other categories, including spout testing, processing methods and equipment, a total of 25 items.

Through the overall analysis, it can be seen that the current spout patents are more focused on the overall design of the structure of the product and water saving, energy saving and other functional improvement perspective. A variety of new design concepts, design scenarios and special features to enhance the development of spout products focus. Among them, water and energy saving has become the hottest keywords in the spout product patents. At the same time, also to meet the higher application requirements, supporting spool, pulling components and other spout components of the patent also arose. In addition, it is also important to note the development of intelligent spout products. Along with the development of the whole house intelligent home, many companies also began to layout intelligent temperature control, intelligent disinfection, multi-functional integration of intelligent spout products.



Search keyword: “shower” Search keyword: “shower” “shower”

After screening, the total number of related patents was 156. The total number of patents with shower in the name is 25. This is mainly related to the product function, followed by the product structure.

Of all the relevant patents in this category, nearly half were related to product function, 29 were related to product structure, 26 were related to product accessories or supporting devices, and 22 were related to product processes, equipment and components. Another 4 items are related to testing, transportation and packaging.

The distribution of the number of patents shows that researchers are more concerned about product functions. If we are specific about the functions, the ones that received general attention are the water outlet switching function, and the quick water stop and anti-drip functions. The industry’s concern for the core functions of the product represents the concern for product quality and the industry’s continued investment in optimizing the use experience. In addition to the core functions, the intelligent control of the shower, to give soap, pressure, massage and other enhanced features have also received the attention of researchers. There are even quite novel functions, such as rubbing, lighting, etc. This represents a positive attempt by the industry to meet the needs of different types of users and promote product diversification. In general, the focus of functional research is on whether the use of the product is easy, convenient and comfortable.

Research related to product structure also focuses on the improvement of the overall performance of the product. This type of research, together with research on product function, continues to drive product quality improvement.

Among the 26 patents related to product accessories or supporting devices, the fixing and connecting devices of showerheads accounted for more than half of the patents. This shows that in actual use, there are still pain points in this area, and also reflects the researchers’ attention to the details of consumer use.

Among the 22 patents in the categories of product process, equipment and components, components and process-related patents accounted for a relatively large proportion. The proportion of patents related to equipment is relatively small.


Bathroom Cabinets

Search keyword: “bathroom cabinet”

After screening, the total number of patents related to bathroom cabinet products is 30. Among them, a total of 15 related to the product function energy, followed by a total of 7 related to the product structure. Again is related to the product process, equipment and components. The smallest proportion is the product accessories or supporting devices.

Received the attention of researchers both moisture, drying, deodorization and other functions to solve the rigid needs of the actual use, but also intelligent control and adjustment, can lift, give soap and other functions to enhance the convenience and comfort of use. Overall, researchers are committed to developing multifunctional integrated bathroom cabinet products to meet the multi-dimensional needs of users in relatively limited bathroom spaces.

In terms of product processes, equipment and components, more attention has been paid to the processing and handling of cabinet panels.


Bathroom Mirror

Search keywords: “bathroom mirror” “bathroom mirror”

After screening, the total number of patents related to bathroom mirror products is 13. Among them, the largest proportion is the product function related to a total of 8 items. This is mainly concerned with mirror defogging and anti-fog, intelligent control and self-cleaning, etc. There are 2 items each related to product structure and process equipment and components, and 1 item related to product accessories and supporting devices.


Shower Room

Search keyword: “shower room”

After screening, there were a total of 69 patents related to shower room products. Those related to product process, equipment and components accounted for the highest percentage totaling 44 items. This was followed by those related to product structure (10 items) and those related to product function (9 items). Five were related to product accessories or supporting devices, and one was related to product testing.

In the category of processes, equipment and components, which accounted for the highest percentage, for shower room components, especially shower room doors was an area of general interest to researchers. Of the 18 related patents, the material, structure, track preparation, and opening and closing control of the room door are covered. This shows on the one hand that the stability and convenience of room door use is highly relevant to the use experience, and on the other hand that there are relevant pain points in actual use to be solved by the industry. Production process and equipment also accounted for a large proportion.

From the side to reflect the industry in this regard there is a certain amount of room for improvement. In terms of function, more attention by researchers is intelligent control and barrier-free drainage, and some other innovative functions, such as body quick drying.



Search keyword: “bathtub”

After screening, the total number of patents related to bathtub products is 89. Among them, the total number of product structure is 20, and the total number of product functions including intelligent control, massage, ageing, rehabilitation, etc. is 27. The total number of product technology, equipment and components is 17. The total number of product accessories or supporting devices is 22. A total of 3 items of testing, transportation, packaging, etc.

Compared with other bathroom products, bathtub products in the domestic household penetration rate is relatively low. This is mainly used in hotels, bathhouses and other scenes, so bathtub products from the structure and functional end of the design are more for these scenes under the application of disinfection and sterilization, easy to adjust, rehabilitation and massage, adapt to the requirements of different groups of people to serve. At the same time, the number of patents of intelligent bathtub products in high-end scene applications is also relatively high. This is mainly as a link in the smart home products. In addition, the bathtub product process patents, the processing method and processing equipment patents on bathtub products account for a relatively high.


Floor Drain

Search keyword: “floor drain”

After screening, there are 108 patents related to floor drain products. More than half of them are related to product function, totaling 59 items. This is followed by the product structure category, and again by product processes, equipment and components. Another 7 items are related to product accessories or supporting devices.

Floor drains are strong functional products. Floor drainage, odor control, insect control, anti-clogging, easy to clean degree and drainage function are directly related to the consumer’s use experience. These rigid functions are also the focus of researchers. Around the above functions, researchers also introduced the study of auxiliary functions such as clogging alarm and self-cleaning.

In the broad category of product process, equipment and components, researchers focused more on the design and performance of floor drain components. This still revolves around the core functions of the product. Accessories and supporting devices mainly consider the adaptation of floor drain products to pipes, etc.


Angle Valves

Search keyword: “angle valve”

After screening, there are 17 patents related to angle valve products. Among them, there are 7 items of product structure and 8 items of product function each. There are 2 items of product process, equipment and components.


Other Sanitaryware Products

A total of 174 patents related to other sanitary products and devices. This is mainly for the bathroom products general device, process, etc., and contains some related patents are less number of bathroom products difficult to classify separately, such as facial cleanser.

In other bathroom products and devices related patents, accounting for the largest proportion is the product process, equipment, materials, a total of 90. These processes, equipment or materials are both common to sanitary products and also about a certain product that is not independently classified. The next is the category of accessories, a total of 30 items. In the accessories, more attention in addition to the placement class, highlighting the energy-saving and environmental protection effect of the water cycle-related patents also occupy a certain proportion. There are 20 patents related to sanitary products components, mainly related to water supply and drainage. Testing, transportation, packaging, etc., a total of 16. This is mainly concentrated in the field of detection. There are a total of 18 other sanitary products that are difficult to categorize.



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