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Is it necessary for you to purchase the shower sprayer?

The shower spray is popular abroad, especially in Southeast Asia and other countries are widely used. At present, it is gradually meteoric in the country, but mainly in front of the public as a “cleaning tool”.

In fact, the principle of the toilet lance using water pressure to form an impact, and the principle of car wash water gun is similar. In the actual cleaning application process plays a huge role. Today we’ll learn what it has to offer.

Is it necessary for you to purchase the shower sprayer? - Blog - 1

You may have encountered the following scenarios.

Toilet / squatting toilet flushing

After going to the toilet, many people have encountered the problem of unclean toilet and squatting toilet again. When cleaning with the toilet brush, and often encounter the water in the tank is not enough, not into the toilet itself rinse not clean, even the toilet brush can not be clean.

Faucet is too dull

Whether in the balcony or bathroom, the basin faucet and the wall of the convenient faucet, are fixed, can only receive water or wash some simple things, and wash the mop faucet when the faucet is too large, but also easy to splash dirty water everywhere.

Sanitary corner

As we all know, the sanitary corners are particularly troublesome to clean. Many people use a bucket to catch water, over and over again to clean, but also may not be able to rinse clean, not only a waste of water and waiting for the time to catch water is also very troublesome.

Is it necessary for you to purchase the shower sprayer? - Blog - 2

Cleaning shower spray

Cleaning lance, in foreign countries has become the standard toilet. Although it can be used to “butt wash, women wash”, but in the country this is a relatively shy topic, but also because of factors such as habit. The prevalence rate is relatively low.

However, this is not the focus of our attention, and it is simply sought after by many people as a cleaning tool.

The shower spray is not only happy to assist the toilet brush to clean the toilet, without having to wait for the tank to fill. It can also give pets a bath, separate from the shower. Again, you can re-hygienic corners, brooms, sinks, walls, etc.. And you can freely control the water output when flushing. Save water and can rinse very clean.

In addition, shower spray is also suitable for installation in the balcony, rinse glass windows, washing machine inner tube, the ground, watering flowers, etc., which are very practical.



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