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Investment And Financing | ASAHI Sanitary Ware Acquires Stake In Trading Company. 500 Million RMB For Mongnls To Participate In Industry Investment Fund

Investment And Financing | ASAHI Sanitary Ware Acquires Stake In Trading Company. 500 Million RMB For Mongnls To Participate In Industry Investment Fund


Mongnls participates in industry investment fund with RMB 490 million, targeting big home

Mongnls (002918) announced in the evening of March 31, in order to further promote the long-term layout and sound development of large tile, large home, large building materials industry and improve the comprehensive competitive ability, intends to set up an industrial investment fund with Chuang Yu Investment. It focuses on investing in big tile, big home, big building materials industry and advanced manufacturing, productive services, strategic emerging industries with synergistic effect on related industrial fields, or investing in sub-funds of the aforementioned industrial fields. The total contribution of all partners to the partnership is RMB 50,000,000, of which Mongnls, as a limited partner, intends to contribute RMB 499,500,000 with its own capital, accounting for 99.90% of the contribution.

The investment scope of the fund includes.

(1) Equity in non-listed companies (including transfer/investment in equity in non-listed companies in the form of convertible bonds (not exceeding 20% of the total paid-in capital of the Partnership Fund), non-listed companies include NSS companies)

(2) Shares of listed companies (by participating in targeted issuance or bulk trading).

(3) Private venture capital funds and private equity funds (including contractual and partnership funds, which shall be held by a custodian; if the Fund invests in funds that are being raised but not yet filed. The fund contract or partnership agreement of such funds shall expressly provide that the fund shall be filed with the China Association of Fund Industry after the fund raising is completed), asset management plans that invest in equity

(4) Cash, bank deposits, money market funds, treasury bonds, etc. When the Partnership Fund invests in unlisted equity, it shall comply with the requirements of national laws, rules, regulations and industrial policies. If the Partnership Fund invests indirectly in unlisted equity through investment asset management products, such investment asset management products shall be hosted by a custodian established by law and qualified to host the fund. The aforementioned asset management products include all types of corporate, partnership and contractual equity investment funds filed and issued by the China Securities Investment Fund Association.




Japan’s ASAHI bathroom acquires 59.2% stake in trading company

Asahi Seito, a Japanese company, has decided to acquire 59.2% of the shares of Tomoyu Trading Co.

ASAHI‘s plan is to expand its lifestyle business by expanding its products to include daily necessities, groceries and everyday porcelain. It also plans to develop recycling-related businesses as Tomoyu Trading holds an antique dealer license. tomoyu Trading was established in 2018. The acquisition price was not disclosed. The acquisition is scheduled to take place in April 2022, and the company name will be changed to “Asahininos” when Tomoyu Trading becomes a subsidiary.



Waterland completes the acquisition of Warenhuys

Private equity group Waterland has acquired kitchen and bathroom distributor Warenhuys, which sells and installs tile, bathroom cabinets and other household products. The acquisition was approved on March 10, 2022.



German quartz sink manufacturer Schock acquires British bathroom company 1810

German quartz sink manufacturer Schock GmbH has announced the acquisition of The 1810 Company, a leading British sink and tap company.

According to a statement, the deal will allow Schock to expand its UK market share. In January, it acquired the Polish bathroom brand Marmorin.




BAX KÜCHEN, the 132-year-old German kitchen manufacturer, went bankrupt. The company started preliminary bankruptcy proceedings in January 2022. Formal bankruptcy proceedings were initiated on April 1 due to the abandonment of investment by the last potential investor on March 31. The company employs 51 people and had revenues of €5 million in 2021.



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