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The advantages and disadvantages of wall-mounted and open-mounted shower sets

Shower heads can be divided into two types: open installation and installation. Most people will choose to install the shower in the bathroom at home. The advantage of the shower is that it is more convenient to maintain, but the disadvantage is that it is not beautiful enough. Many families now choose concealed shower heads in order to make the bathroom achieve a beautiful effect. Concealed shower heads allow the water pipe of the shower to be completely embedded in the wall, which can play a flat decorative effect. So which is better, a concealed shower head or an open shower head? Let’s learn more about their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Concealed shower
The control part (spool) of the concealed shower needs to be buried in the wall and connected with the hot and cold water inlet pipe. The outlet pipe supplying water to the shower is also connected inside the wall. After the installation is completed, only the control panel of the shower and the overhead shower are visible on the wall, and there are no extra things on the wall, which can well play a neat flat decoration of the wall.

Advantages and disadvantages.
Installed shower overhead shower optional, there are a variety of large diameter shower heads to choose from. Installed shower in the completion of the wall installation, only the shower and control switch to stay on the wall, will not take up too much space in the bathroom, visually in the simplicity of the same time to highlight the beauty of generous. The disadvantage is that because the main part of the shower spool is buried in the wall, if the spool after a long time problems, such as spool interface leakage, shower dripping and other phenomena, maintenance is relatively troublesome, need to open the wall to repair or replace.

2. Open-mounted shower
Shower is generally used in the family more shower type, the control body of the shower, handheld shower, etc. are installed on the wall reserved for the water supply, the height of the installation is limited by the product itself, there are certain limitations. 

Advantages and disadvantages.
Exposed shower is usually composed of shower faucet and handheld shower, there are also types of shower faucet plus shower column composition. Shower concealed installation is convenient and simple, only the shower faucet and the wall reserved for hot and cold water inlet connected to fasten, fixed shower rod or handheld shower seat can be used. Style options compared to concealed shower more, the price is also cheaper than the installation of the shower.

The disadvantage is that the control body and water supply hose of the shower are exposed outside the wall, which is not as good as the concealed shower visually, and the shower body and shower column also occupy part of the bathroom space.

Different homes are suitable for different installation methods, so you can choose according to the actual layout of your home. Concealed shower is usually installed on the head, in terms of space structure is more space-saving, but maintenance is not so convenient. The installation of the shower is very convenient, but will occupy a relatively small place in the bathroom. The installation of the open-mounted shower is easy to cause the space to become smaller.



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