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JOMOO, HANSGROHE, GROHE, HEWI etc. Won the 2020 German Innovation Awards

JOMOO, HANSGROHE, GROHE, HEWI etc. Won the 2020 German Innovation Awards


Recently, the German Innovation Awards in 2020 announced the full list of winners. This year a total of nine bathroom products won the awards, and they are from JOMOO, Hansgrohe, Grohe, HEWI, FRESCOLORI, Whirlcare and other companies, of which Hansgrohe has two products won the highest honor “Gold Medal”, and JOMOO is the only Chinese sanitary ware company that won the award.


Product: GROW

The JOMOO GROW series is jointly created by the JOMOO’s German design team and the Chinese R&D team. It has a simple and stylish appearance, ultimate storage design, convenient and comfortable technology modules, and even a small space of 3 square meters can meet all daily needs. GROW implants young people’s favorite technology modules in mirror cabinets and washbasins. It has the functions of wireless charging, one-step defogging, warm air feet drying, cosmetic mirror magnifying by magnetic and so on. Besides, from mirror cabinet to the main cabinet, from the shower sprayer to the children’s footrest, it does not miss any available corner to make perfect design on storage.



Winner of the Gold Medal at the German Innovation Awards in 2020. The combination of water, light, sound and scent creates an intelligent personality shower experience for the users. Users can also download the Hansgrohe APP and choose different shower modes by clicking the buttons in the APP after connected to this shower product via their WI-FI at home.



Another product from Hansgrohe that won the Gold Medal. The idea of the water coming out of the lower part of the faucet is similar to the water sprayer of the shower column, but for the kitchen sink, it is original! It is equipped with more than 100 small spouts, which are very useful for cleaning fruits and vegetables. At the same time, this product impresses people with clear lines and minimal forms, adding a touch of harmony and elegance to the modern kitchen.



GROHE’s new intelligent control faucet, with a precise temperature display allows users to adjust the water temperature precisely as needed to ensure safety and be more environmentally friendly. At the same time, the unique geometric design of the rectangular and oval shape of the faucet is also very shocking and timeless, making it adaptable to different styles of bathroom environments.



The shower head is available in round or square shape with 310mm diameter, and can be connected to a battery-powered round remote control via Bluetooth. Users can conveniently select the shower mode with the wireless remote control, which can be placed anywhere in the bathroom.



The award-winning product is not a product, but an anti-drip technology that will make shower head and hand shower more environmentally friendly and water-saving. It is pressure-controlled, so that once the pressure that controls the flow of water from the shower head and hand shower stops, the water from the nozzle will also stopped. This means that it is not only a round nozzle, but also a film that can be opened or closed automatically under different pressures.


HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Modular washbasin system

The modular wash basin system launched by HEWI allows users to choose accessories according to their personal needs, including towel racks and towel shelves, etc.. It ensures that frequently used objects are within easy reach. In addition, the slim basin design is also one of the characteristics of this product.



A product known as the Seamless Shower System. The walls and floors are made of special plaster. It can maintain beauty and tightness even under extreme conditions and ensure that the dripping is impermeable. The open design also allows to easily access for the elderly and children. In addition, users can customize the partitions from 10 phenotypes and 100,000 colors to create a unique bathroom atmosphere.


Whirlcare Industries GmbH


This message bathtub is equipped with five powerful pumps, four of which are used for hydro-massage. And the additional 94 spa water injectors directly work on muscle problem areas and reaction points, which can effectively eliminate fatigue. In addition, from the perspective of this company, “100% Made in Germany” is also one of the advantages of this product.



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