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Maximize The Use Of Small Bathrooms! 8 Methods That Designers Are Using

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Not Sure How Big Your Bathroom Is?

For many families nowadays, the bathroom may only be 3-6 square meters. Although it is enough for daily use, if you want a wet and dry, fully functional bathroom, you need at least 6-10 square meters to do so. But the engineering is too complicated by way of remodeling the bathroom space through hard installation. How about learning from the experience of these designers to make a small bathroom look bigger!



Make a good layout

For small bathrooms, in addition to the essential functions of bathing and toileting, the rest of the washing and laundry can be completely separated from the bathroom.

In this way only the shower, toilet, sink bathroom is much simpler. It is straightforward to choose the right place to place. The usual method of arrangement is: gradually from the bathroom door to the interior. The sink is facing the door. The toilet is close to its side. The shower is installed in the innermost part.

Show you the common design of a small bathroom, do not know how to layout can imitate the following:



Separate wet and dry with a shower room

Although the space is small, wet and dry separation can be done. The easiest way is to do a shower. It is recommended to choose a U-shaped or diamond-shaped shower room with a size of not less than 80cm*80cm. You can make the space flexible by reducing the corners, and the partition will not be too rigid.

Or you can also isolate the sink separately and turn it into a completely dry area. Like the following.



Color matching with light colors

Color matching should not be too much, small space color will show more chaos. The normal match of light-colored walls and the dark ground is enough. Want to have some new ideas, toilet or sink area with flower tile embellishment. This bathroom is good enough.



Use wall-mounted toilets

Compared to the traditional floor toilets, wall-hung toilets are lighter in shape. It helps to relieve the space constraint.


Bathroom cabinet and mirror cabinet design

Don’t put too awkward bathroom cabinets. It is more convenient to use the combination of pedestal basin + countertop. The countertop can be wooden or stone or artificial stone. Toiletries have a place to put.

In addition, the bathroom cabinet should be installed above a large mirror cabinet, why should it be large? One is a large mirror to expand the visual space. The second is to increase storage space. Skincare products, cosmetics, etc. can be stuffed. The lower bathroom cabinet countertop can also be a lot neater.



 Mirror front light to increase the space light source

If your bathroom belongs to the windowless layout, in addition to the original ceiling light, it is recommended to add a mirror front light in the bathroom to keep the light sufficient. This can avoid the oppressive feeling generated because of the darkness.



Make full use of space for storage

If the toilet is not above the window, you must not miss it. This place can be put on the shelves and partitions. When taking a shower, put clothes here. Usually, here you can put towels, paper towels are used.



Streamline space decoration

For small bathrooms, too many ornaments and wall decorations can clutter the space and affect the view. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a minimum of decoration in the space to create a neat and consistent atmosphere.

In fact, in order to relieve the sense of constraint in the bathroom, in addition to making good use of every inch of the area, reasonable and clever decorating techniques are also essential. This can create the effect of deceiving the eyes and senses, but does not require excessive investment in decoration costs, why not?



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