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Toilet paper holder make our life more convenient

In life, there are always some little assistants that make our lives more convenient.

A neat and convenient bathroom renovation, the main large components are the bathtub, shower, toilet, basin.In addition to these large components, some bath accessories are also play an indispensable role in our life.

In some families, the bathroom is not equipped with a toilet paper holder, and the toilet paper is placed in the corner at will,so that the toilet paper is not only unsanitary, and may not be found at a critical moment.

At this time, you need to equip the toilet with a close companion – the toilet paper holder, to give yourself more convenient.

There are many types of toilet paper holders, how do you choose the one that suits you?

Simple – non-covered toilet paper holder

Modern people are more pursuit of simplicity ininterior finish. Under the premise of retaining the basic functions of the product, the shape is as simple as possible, which can make the bathroom space more simple and beautiful. In these spaces, it is suitable to fit a non-covered toilet paper holder.It can be used as a toilet paper holder or as a towel ring at any time. It is extremely simple and practical.

Intimate design – toilet paper holder with platform

A toilet paper holder with the platform is combining the paper holder with the storage function.The upper part of the toilet paper holder is used to temporarily store small items such as mobile phones and keys, and the lower part stores the toilet paper being used. When you go to the bathroom, you don’t have to worry about the phone falling into the toilet.

Keep something for a rainy day- double toilet paper holder

You will be very embarrassed, if the toilet paper is used up in a critical moment. The general toilet paper holder is designed for a roll of toilet paper without storage location. In order to make it easier to replace the toilet paper and avoid embarrassing things, the double toilet paper holder was born.

How the paper toilet holder install your bathroom?

Many people think that the installation of the toilet paper holder can be done by hanging it on the wall. This is not the case. You also need to consider a lot when installing. It is inconvenient if you install too high or too low.So, how to install the toilet paper holder? How to determine the front and rear position of the toilet paper holder and the toilet?

1. Height

According to the bathroom planning guidelines for the National kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) , the optimal height for toilet paper holders is 26 inches on the floor.

This height is a comfortable position. When you sit on the closestool, the position is not so low, you have to bend over to take toilet paper or so high, you must stand up to take it.

2. Closestool location

Viga Faucet recommends placing the toilet paper holder 8 to 12 inch from the outer edge of the closestool seat, slightly in front of the seat, or in the left or right side. The main purpose of this guide is to make it easy for people sitting on the closestool to reach the paper without tilting too far back or forward.

3. Family considerations

If you have a small child or your family member is elderly or disabled, the toilet paper holder position is at a point that he can easily reach.