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OEM Faucet China Factory Overview

Chinese faucet enterprises to enter the international market basically take the OEM approach – that is, to become an international well-known brand processing workshop, most of the domestic products in the international market competition is still playing the role of end processing and can only obtain a meager profit.

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which can be directly translated as Original Equipment Manufacturer. The meaning is that the manufacturer entrusts the product development and manufacturing according to the original unit (brand unit) contract, using the original unit trademark, sold or operated by the original unit of the cooperative management of production methods. A manufacturer that undertakes a processing task is called an OEM and the products it produces are OEM products. This is a business model that has been in operation internationally for many years and is the product of an increasingly refined division of labour in the industry. For OEMs, it can effectively avoid the risk of developing the market on their own, reduce the capital consumption in the circulation field, focus on the production organization and product development, effectively use the existing production capacity, economically realize and accelerate depreciation, and improve the level of production organization and technology development in the management.

In recent years, ODM/OEM orders from overseas have increased significantly. Browse the websites or brochures of our country’s faucet manufacturers with a certain production scale, all to promote their OEM capabilities. Xiamen, Fujian, Jiangmen and a large number of enterprises are professional OEM manufacturing service providers; some enterprises sanitary ware more than 96% of the business to complete the ODM model. ODM refers to manufacturers to develop and design products for customers to choose, and then according to the customer’s choice of orders into mass production, finished products sold under the customer brand.

Both OEM and ODM manufacturers, due to their high efficiency and low cost manufacturing core competitiveness, have become the world’s most competitive high-end bathroom hardware professional manufacturing services provider, is Moen, Delta, Grohe, Kohler, Hansgrohe, Roca, Franke, HOMEDEPOT world famous bathroom brand enterprises, large supermarket chains of the important supply base and suppliers. Through the world’s famous sanitary ware brand enterprises, buyers OEM production, these enterprises become an important link in the global supply chain of multinational companies, with the world’s leading plumbing equipment companies, large buyers to establish strategic partnerships.

Kaiping City Garden Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of faucets, bathroom fixtures and other products. For more than 12 years, the company has increased its capital and expanded its production every year, and it mainly adopts the business model of independent design and manufacture (ODM) and OEM. 95% of the products are exported to European and American markets, and has become the largest professional manufacturer of faucets in Asia. The main production of copper plumbing equipment, all products are sold to the United States and Europe and other places. In just seven years, the company has grown to become one of the largest copper tap manufacturers in Asia.