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The new factory uniform of VIGA faucet factory

With the development of high standards of the company, the company pays more and more attention to the quality of employees and the company’s own image. Integrity, enthusiasm, and innovation are the main concepts that Viga has adhered to since its inception. Providing customers with warm and thoughtful services and high-quality products is the goal that Vega continues to pursue.

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Uniform employee clothing is not only for good-looking, but also a kind of strength of the company. Work clothes seem to be ordinary employee benefits, but they are an important window to reflect the employee’s mental outlook. Work clothes represent a corporate image. However, when it comes to work clothes, many enterprises also divide many “grades”, one color for leaders and office personnel, one color for ordinary employees in the workshop, and another color for cleaners and handymen. This seems to be a Severe levels of differentiation, I feel not equal at all, with this point, all the company’s management slogans are all empty, all on paper. Work clothes have the function of establishing an enterprise image. The external image of an employee directly brings the overall image of the enterprise, so a unified work clothes can allow the enterprise to pass on a professional image feature to the outside world. The company’s image brings further improvement, and at the same time, when working clothes are worn outside, it can play a positive role in the spread of the company’s brand image. Work clothes have the effect of enhancing the cohesion of employees. Unity is strength. This is a long-standing idiom. A successful company can only accomplish its goals to a large extent by uniting the hearts of employees. Uniform work clothes can make employees more aware that the company is a group, so that they can better mobilize their work enthusiasm and strengthen their participation and pride. Work clothes have the effect of creating a corporate culture. When employees wear work clothes, they can immediately make them realize that they are in a working state. Under such circumstances, they can make employees behave more self-disciplined, more professional and regulate their behavior. At this time, the working status of employees is not only reflected on the spiritual level, but also reflects the unique cultural construction of an enterprise.

Since our Kaiping City Garden Sanitary Ware CO.,LTD has developed to the present, the previous workwear styles can no longer represent our company’s brand image. To this end, our company intends to re-order new work clothes for our employees in early 2020 to show the new spirit of our company. The general manager selects the work clothes for the employees personally and chooses the color in person. The manufacturer of the work clothes is required to make the work color black, embroidering VIGA on the left chest of the clothes to represent our brand, and the collar on the left Embroidered with Garden represents the company name of our company. The factory uniform represents our company, our brand, our culture, and our spirit of mutual strength. For the consideration of employees, the material of work clothes is cotton, so the breathability is good, and the employees are also comfortable to wear. The general manager of the company also wears the same work clothes as the workshop. Kaiping City Garden Sanitary Ware CO.,LTD is a happy big family, so that all employees have a warm heart.

With new tooling, new image, new appearance and new posture, all employees of the company show their youth and vitality with a new look, and show their vitality. Many employees praise the quality and style of clothes after seeing the new tooling We are more elegant and confident. We will grasp the business and create benefits with a new spiritual outlook and high work enthusiasm, and make the greatest contribution to the future of Viga!

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