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Partition Has Skills, 4 Designs To Teach You To Save The Small Bathroom

Bathroom Business School

Bathroom is the smallest space in the living room, but plays a very important role. The bathroom should include a sink, toilet, bathtub and storage cabinets. If the space is too small, it will look cramped; if the space is too large, the cost of renovation is high. So what are the ways to improve the environment of small bathrooms? Here are 4 tips to save the small bathroom space. You may want to try.

Design focus: backdrop design

Editor’s note: The walls decorated with square tiles are full of three-dimensional sense. Convex texture can be more non-slip and beautify the space than the smooth walls and floors. Wooden sink is generous and rustic, with a sense of metal faucet. The bathroom is full of vintage flavor.

Design focus: mirrored storage cabinets

Editor’s note: The mirror storage cabinet can be used as a mirror and can provide storage for the bathroom. Two birds with one stone.

Design focus: gradient partition

Editor’s comment: Use the gradient to divide the bathroom and toilet. The shower room is then partitioned by a glass facade. Wet and dry partition makes the bathroom space more clean and tidy. The shower room has two types of rosettes, portable and overhead, so you can choose.

Design focus: open layout

Editor’s comment: the bathroom space without obvious partitions, open layout coupled with a uniform color style of tile decoration. The bathroom looks very harmonious, spacious and neat.



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